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F Word is more than just a word. It’s about originality, exploration and celebration. We’re about recognising and encouraging talent and we hate to think of our creatively inclined readers cooped up inside without an expression vessel; this is why we launched our very first writing competition. The form was poetry and the theme was "connection".

Judged by F Word's very own Beth Cutting (Culture Writer), Maisie Daniels (Editor-in-Chief), and Liza Molnar (Culture & Music Contributor) we were delighted to see so many of you submit, and we would like to thank each and everyone who took the time to do so. However there could only be one winner and that was Gwen Artemis Fagan's beautifully emotive poem titled 'Swarm and Stagger'.

Read on to discover Gwen's winning poem, along with a short bio to get to know a bit more about this talented writer.



Gwenhyfar Artemis Fagan

Location Homerton, London

What does the word "connection" mean to you?

To me connection is the idea of thoughts and emotions linking with other thoughts and emotions, until they are so inextricably linked you aren't quite sure when one starts and the other begins. This is why I love writing poetry, as I can best omit my own thoughts and emotions this way. I've been writing poetry as long as I can remember, but sharing it for no time at all. At the start of last year I teamed up with a friend, Liam Westpfel, who makes the music to my spoken word. We formed Dream Sector Studies and it truly has been a beautiful way to stay connected, if you will, to be creating work together but in absentia.

What's your favourite F Word?

Why 'fairy' of course, because I'm magical.


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