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Miami-based Nigerian rap sensation SGaWD unveils her highly anticipated sophomore EP, 'Tha GaWD – Side A,' following the groundbreaking debut project 'Savage Bitch Juice.' This new EP transcends musical boundaries, blending rap, house, electronica, and afropop into an intoxicating mix that is both innovative and inviting. In an exclusive interview with F Word, SGaWD discusses the evolution of her sound, the creation of the EP, some sound advise surrounding self-confidence, and much more.

Maisie Daniels: SGaWD! Welcome to F Word Mag. Hello from London! How’s life in Miami?

SGaWD: Miami is good, perfect weather as usual so I'm enjoying it!

MD: What does SGaWD stand for? 

SGaWD: It's a combo of my name "Seddy" and the fact that I believe everyone has a god within them, so when I' making music I'm tapping into the god in me.

MD: You’re a seasoned traveler, having lived in Nigeria, the UK, and now the US. How do you think that has shaped your sound?

SGaWD: It’s impossible to live in these cities and not be influenced by the sounds and cultures. I always try to pay homage to Nigerian music in all its different forms, whether it’s a more straightforward afro pop style song or pushing the envelope with a song like 'Fav Girl'. When you have the opportunity to really be outside at shows, clubs, and concerts you create memories to this music and these sounds and they stick with you over time so when I’m creating it just comes out of me.

MD: When did you decide you wanted to become a musician?

SGaWD: Professionally, I'd say it was in 2019. I had some people in my corner who were encouraging me and I felt ready to take that leap so I decided to leave my law career behind and pursue that dream.

MD: You’re a rapper and singer. What came first for you?

SGaWD: Singing came first! I've been singing since I was young but I love rapping just as much.

MD: We are in the presence of rap royalty! You have many impressive accolades, such as being crowned one of the 10 best rappers in Africa by The NATIVE in 2021. Do you ever feel the pressure to keep smashing it?

SGaWD: I don't feel any pressure to keep smashing it because I wasn't feeling pressure before I got these accolades, so if the accolades come as a result of me making music that is true to me, all I need to do is continue that and leave the rest to God.

MD: Are you a perfectionist?

SGaWD: Yes and no. I definitely want things done a certain way and I believe in having things done to a standard of excellence, but I've also learned to compromise on my journey because there will be times where it's not possible to realise a certain vision that I have yet. So I've learned to go with the flow in certain instances.

MD: Speaking of smashing it… let’s talk about something we’re all excited for: your new EP ‘THA GAWD - SIDE A’. Tell us all about it, including the creation process…

SGaWD: I think following up my first project, which was more straightforward rap, I was in an exploratory period trying to figure out where I wanted to take my sound. Spending time in London and feeling the house and electronic vibes out there was definitely an influence but I think the inspiration really came from within. I know the music I like and gravitate to, and wanted to reflect that with my own spin on it. The creation process was me working with producers and artists that I trust and feel know my sound very well, then working with my team to shape an overall sound and vision for what we were looking to execute.

MD: Will there be a ‘Side B’ to look forward to?

SGaWD: Yes there will be!

MD: The EP is a melting pot of genres: rap, house, electronica, and afropop. Where did the drive to use a diverse mix of genres stem from?

SGaWD: I maintain my sound by staying true to myself and what I enjoy listening to. I make music that feels good to me and I want it to make whoever is listening feel good. I think the drive came from spending time in London for the first time as an artist and pulling from the sounds and styles out there, while still wanting to push Nigerian sounds further than I had taken them before. I approach these genres from my own experiences and perspective and that keeps it authentic for me.

MD: Is there a genre you could see yourself experimenting with in the future that you haven’t tried yet?

SGaWD: Hmm, that's a good question. Maybe Brazilian funk!

MD: If this EP were a colour, a flavour, and a temperature, what would it be any why? 

SGaWD: Colour: Purple, the colour of power and royalty

Flavour: A mix of sweet and spicy

Temperature: 100 degrees celsius, hot hot hot!

MD: Have you grown in any way since creating this EP? If so, can you tell us how?

SGaWD: I think I grow with every project. I have an even better understanding of my sound, my audience, how I want to push projects moving forward etc. I also feel like I'm always learning and growing as a person and the music I'm making even now is reflecting that.

MD: What do you hope people take away from this EP?

SGaWD: I hope people take away the fact that I can do anything musically. I can rap, I can sing, I can take these familiar genres and make them my own. I can make music that makes you feel good and dance and brings out your inner power. By the time the EP ends, you should feel like you've had a great time then spin it again!

MD: You’re such an inspirational woman - a hard worker and a fierce force of female empowerment. Do you have any advice for women aspiring to be in the music industry?

SGaWD: Adversity will come but don't let it break you. Make sure to have some people that you trust wholeheartedly in your corner that have your best interests at heart because their counsel will be incredibly valuable.

MD: Any words of advice for anyone struggling with self-confidence? 

SGaWD: Everyone struggles with self-confidence at some point, but we always tell ourselves so many negative things. Write a list of 5-10 things you like/love about yourself and keep reading it and repeating it to yourself. Every time you find something new, add it to that list and keep reinforcing that there is so much to love about you.

MD: Do you have anything coming up that we should know about?

SGaWD: A couple singles might be coming soon, stay tuned!

MD: Thank you for talking with us. What’s your favourite F Word?

SGaWD: Family. Everything I do and everything I am is because of my family.


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