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ISOLATED WORK-OUT with Finley Williams


photography Filipe Phitzgerard

Sixteen-year-old model and rugby player Finley Williams at Menace has been in lockdown for the past few weeks due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. While enjoying the family time at home, Finley has been taking extra special time to work out and keep in good shape as he waits for the lockdown to be over and real life resume. Finlay has been playing rugby for a few years now and working out to build a strong and healthy physique and he has been doing a great job throughout the years. Besides being in great shape, Finley also brings to the set an incredibly likeable personality only topped by the gorgeous and captivating smile - qualities we all know go a long way in the modelling industry, after all, it isn't just about the looks.

In this new series; F Word's editor, Filipe Phitzgerard, captures a few hours of Finley's morning at home and with the help of Finley's mother, Lucy, they were able to create a visually captivating story that depicts part of Finley's day-to-day life while in lockdown. While being photographed via FaceTime, Finley talks about the massive change in routine, especially not being able to go out and practice rugby with his friends. He also talks about what he is looking forward to once the pandemic has ended and the lockdown has been lifted. This is Finley's first ever shoot as he was recently signed by Menace Models and what a time to be signed and photographed... due to the unprecedented changes the world has been hit with, the fashion and modelling industry have had to adapt to the new norm of long-distance shoots via FaceTime and Zoom. Although challenging, Finley's debut shoot was a great success and has proven why he is one of the newest faces in the scene we should definitely keep an eye on.




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