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words Filipe Phitzgerard - images courtesy of YMC

French ethical perfume brand, Bon Parfumeur, has unveiled its latest creation in collaboration with iconic British fashion label YMC. Bon Parfumeur and YMC have come together to create an exclusive fragrance that combines the ethically produced processes from Bon Parfumeur with the fresh contemporary YMC approach which has been perfectly translated into the fragrance which is a scent of purity and contemporary lines. As both brands share a true love and drive for individuality and independence they were able to translate their individual yet harmonious ethos into this fragrance.

Unveiled at Paris Fashion Week in June last year, the Bon Parfumeur x YMC fragrance launched in Autumn 2019. Speaking about the collaboration, YMC's founder, Fraser Moss, states; “Staying true to YMC’s DNA our exciting collaboration with Bon Perfumeur has created a truly unisex fragrance.” YMC's spicy rose cedar sandalwood scent is signed by perfumer Serge with a minimal yet elegant bottle designed to reflect the modern style of both YMC and Bon Parfumeur engraved on the glass like a statement. The core message is that this is not just any other perfume but an attitude that has been bottled in elegance and style.

The fragrance was created for both men and women with a neutral yet remarkable scent that caters for this new generation of consumers, both artists and urban landscapes but who share a passion for a lifestyle without boundaries. The genderless and ultra-contemporary fragrance is current and effective both in message and execution as the gorgeous scent brings together a mixture of citrus, bitter orange and mandarin opening done in a harmonious and well-balanced way.

First impressions on the scent are of an addictive freshness and coolness that is made to perfection leading into the heart of the fragrance which is intriguing and surprising due to the smooth blend of cinnamon, geranium and spicy rose. This spicy facet gives it a bold style with warm and impertinent tones that binds to the woody base notes. Overall, it is a soft, warm and thrilling sandalwood, cedar and papyrus scent. It is an assertive fragrance that breaks the rules.

Bon Parfumeur x YMC is now available at Bon Parfumeur and YMC stores and Online.


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