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Kemuel is back in the F Word chair as we catch up with this Nigerian singing sensation to chat about the highly anticipated release of his new EP, Clouds. This captivating artist reaches new heights with an introspective body of work, blending R&B melodies and pop sounds. Kemuel invites you to float away, discovering the ebbs and flows of love and heartbreak, all while lifting you up and healing himself through his music. This 7-track sensation symbolises his artistic evolution and serves as a safe space where he uses sound to heal the soul.

Discover the challenging journey Kemuel undertook to create Clouds, his inspirations, and what his new favourite "F" word is.

Maisie Daniels: Hey Kemuel, welcome back to F Word! Last time we chatted, you had just released "Alone," and now the seven-track EP "Clouds" has landed! What’s the inspiration behind it?

Kemuel: The inspiration behind “Clouds” is my life, in all honesty. With my life and adventures being the backbone of all the songs and pictures I paint with sound, this project is just a more intentional effort to create a feel-good project that expresses my vulnerability and range.

MD: The EP feels all-encompassing, taking you on a journey of various emotions, with heartbreak and love being some. What was the journey you went on to create this?

K: It was a self-discovery journey, and it wasn’t an easy one if I’m being honest. I literally noticed almost everything I had gone through emotionally; a couple of my friends had gone through a similar experience. That made it easier for me to decide on how vulnerable I wanted to be on each record. 

MD: When did you know you wanted to create this EP, and how long did it take to make?

K: The project took approximately a year; I mean, different songs in different seasons. I knew I had to make “Clouds” when I was searching for a safe place for my thoughts and couldn’t find any. “Clouds” represents that. 

MD: Did you learn anything about yourself through this EP, and if so, what?

K: I learned and healed from so much during the process of this EP. The day I realised the EP was done, I had become a new person with new energy and a new way of life, with “Clouds” being my theme songs.

MD: Why the name “Clouds”?

K: “Clouds” represents

. Come rain, come sun, come snow, come harmattan, the clouds are always up there, keeping the balance. So that’s what this project is and what it was made for.

MD: Which track was the easiest to make? And which track was the hardest to make, and why?

K: The easiest to make was “FOCUS.” When I made “Focus,” I had already gotten the hang of how to make music specifically for “Clouds,” so all I had to do was be honest with myself and reflect that in my music. The toughest one would be “GLNT” because it was a whole new bounce and style of music for me. It was exciting as much as it was a learning experience for me and Wondah.

MD: Would you say you are a nature boy, and why?

K: I do love nature for its realness and beauty. There’s so much inspiration to draw from life and nature itself. I love to see my music as part of nature, something evergreen. 

MD: What track on the EP do you recommend listening to when you're feeling happy? Feeling introspective? Feeling sad?

K: When I’m feeling sad, I love to listen to “WATER,” and when I’m happy and looking for a good vibe, I play “234” or “POLO.”

MD: When talking about this release last time, you mentioned, “If you’re a bit broken but at the same time it’s been one of the best things to have happened to you, then this project is for you.” Now that the EP is out, can you expand on this further? I'm guessing this was related to the track "Find"?

K: That statement applies to every song on the EP. Heartbreak can come through work, friends, and love as well. “FIND” is about a heartbreak experience, but it’s also about getting over that experience and emotion. I have a theory that we’re all broken in a way, and sound is all that heals us because music is the pathway to the soul. 

MD: If this EP was a temperature, a taste, and a colour, what would it be and why?

K: This project’s temperature would be like when it’s chilly and a bit warm inside, while it rains heavily outside. The colour would be between… The colours I see for ‘Clouds’ change with each song, so I can’t pick just one (sorry)!

MD: You moved from your hometown in Port Harcourt to Lagos to pursue your dreams of becoming a musician. For any aspiring artists, what advice would you give?

K: My advice to any artist would be to do it. It’s not going to be easy; it’s not going to be a walk in the park, but you have to do it because if you never do it, you’ll never know what you can do.

MD: Do you have anything coming up that we should know about?

K: I have a lot of collabs coming. I’m super excited about a few of them, but I’ll reveal them with time and style. 

M:D What’s your favourite F-word? (Let’s see if it remains the same!)

K: My favourite F word this time will be… Flowers.


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