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Born in Gambia and raised in London, the young model and rapper Jnr Choi, whose explosive single To The Moon went viral overnight, opens up about his rise to stardom and his dreams for the future.

Annabel Ditchfield: Firstly, where did you grow up and how has your upbringing shaped the person you are today?

Jnr Choi: I grew up in Essex/London. Living far from the city definitely put the hunger in me.

AD: Who has been the biggest role model in your life?

JC: My mother. Her work ethic definitely rubbed off on me.

AD: I read online that you were scouted to become a model while working in retail at Topman. What has working in the modelling industry taught you?

JC: It really opened my eyes up to the world. It allowed me to travel, experience different cultures and expose me to my first sense of freedom.

Jnr Choi wears a jumper RAGGED PRIEST; trousers COLLUSION; shoes ASOS; necklace FADED FUTURE; jacket


AD: I also saw that you modelled for the late Issey Miyake. What were your highlights from that job?

JC: The fact it was my mum's favourite brand, walking that show was the first time I felt I made her proud.

AD: How would you describe your own style? Who or what do you look to for fashion inspiration?

JC: Versatile like my music. Whether it’s avant-garde, streetwear... whatever I do, I do it my own way.

AD: Your hit, To The Moon, went viral on TikTok and made a huge impact on the music industry, with over 215 million plays on Spotify. Did you ever imagine it would blow up that much?

JC: I knew it would be big but you can never anticipate how big. [It] definitely took me by surprise.

Jnr Choi wears a hoodie + jacket DAILY PAPER; trousers JADED LONDON

AD: What was the inspiration for your latest song, Hate Me As You Love Me?

JC: [Laughs] Day to day relationships and having someone love you when you’re around but hate you when you’re far from them. I’m bad at texting so that’s a common thing.

AD: What was the creative process behind it?

JC: I recorded it with Walshy fire in Malibu. I remember being asleep in the car on the way there. Landing and it was my first time in a while seeing a tree, I could put my feet on the grass and ground next to [luaghs]. We made one song beforehand and that was the second. Since then, it’s been one of my favourite songs. P.s. Diplo was supposed to be there but ended up getting a booking like an hour before. [laughs]

AD: What messages do you hope people take away from your music?

JC: That you can really do what you want. There’s no rules to this shit.

AD: Do you have any aspirations for your musical career? Is there anyone you would particularly like to work with or a new style you would like to try out?

JC: I just wanna make sure it stays a beautiful journey. I like things organic so all the work relationships that have pulled up like the Fivio feature etc have just come through naturally. I’d definitely appreciate a conversation with Pharrell though.

Jnr Choi wears a jacket NATASHA ZINKO; trousers & top ASOS; sunglasses AKILA

AD: When you’re not on the runway or making music, what do you enjoy doing?

JC: Partying in Miami, shopping in Japan, playing call of duty, I’m tryna find some more hobbies to do.

AD: What would you like to be doing ten years from now?

JC: Probably chilling in Africa or on something.

AD: Is there anything you would tell your younger self?

JC: Keep trusting that gut of yours.

AD: And finally, what is your favourite f-word?

JC: Foreign

Jnr Choi wears a gilet COLLUSION; trousers COLLUSION; shoes ASOS; necklace FADED FUTURE

RIGHT Jnr Choi wears a top GRAVALOT trousers COLLUSION; sunglasses BONNIE CLYDE


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