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Raised in Yorkshire and based in London, rising artist Eden Rain continues her prolific streak with the release of her latest single, "Palo Alto." Following sold-out performances in Bristol and Liverpool last month and with a headline show scheduled at Moth Club on November 12th, Eden is making waves in the music scene. This enchanting new track showcases her delicate, introspective style, highlighting her remarkable vocals and the hypnotic sound that is quickly establishing her as an artist to watch.

Having listened to "Palo Alto" on repeat, the single is heartbreakingly sad and wholly relatable. Rain's beautiful vocals convey deep sadness, mixed with anger in the lyrics as she pours her heart out. The song captures the feeling of going through heartbreak and not being able to escape the person; their perfume lingers, their clothes stand out, and every landmark is a memory. Lyrics such as "I'd re-write you out of the world if I could" evoke images of the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, reflecting the desire to forget and have memories untarnished.

Eden shares the inspiration behind "Palo Alto": “I wrote this song about the frustration of having things you enjoy ruined by people you don’t like. It's about how something you love can become tainted by associations with someone you’d rather forget, and wishing you could similarly spoil something special for them. Jack and I wrote this during a trip to the Yorkshire Dales, a place that, thankfully, remains unspoiled for me.”

Following the release of "Great Nothing" last month, "Palo Alto" marks Eden's third single of the year. Self-proclaimed as wanting to "be a bit rough around the edges," Rain's commitment to being authentically herself, combined with her powerful vocals and heart-wrenching lyrics, makes this indie pop singer-songwriter an artist poised to soar to great heights.


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