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Havana Club rum has been synonymous with the effervescent spirit of Cuban nightlife since the 1930s. Popularised through prohibition, Cuba saw inpours of Americans searching for a taste of exotic flavours. The buzz around rum has stuck ever since, and Havana Club launched internationally to worldwide acclaim in the mid-70s.

The brand firmly lives by the ethos of "conveying the essence of Cuba in every bottle." Havana Club prides itself on pure authenticity and staying planted within its Cuban roots. With each rum in the range comes a different experience and flavour sensation, and only the rawest of ingredients are sourced throughout the island. No matter your tastes, Havana Club boasts a vast catalogue, measuring all shades of light and dark rum. Another amazing point is how versatile of a drink it truly is. Enjoy it neat, or combined with your mixer of choice for an endless range of cocktails.

Havana Club craft their iconic rum by boiling tropically grown sugarcane plants. The rich molasses by-product is then fermented and distilled to produce the fiery soul of Havana rum. The true secret to the beauty of rum is the careful ageing process. The idyllic climate of Cuba helps the barrels of rum to age into the delicious spirit the world knows and loves.

Havana have recently collaborated with Spanish artist Bad Gyal. It has new limited-edition bottle to celebrate the blending of authentic urban energy with Cuban roots as it’s known for parties and celebrations. As Bad Gyal says, “a party is the place where I connect with myself and with everyone who is there, you can feel the music and when that happens, those of us who are gathered together connect with each other... it’s an energy that makes me feel alive.”


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