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COLMAR X SHAYNE OLIVER'S FROZEN WORLD words Hugo Fernandes - images courtesy of Colmar at B2B

Milan was the chosen city for the release of Colmar's latest collaboration with American designer Shayne Oliver as part of its new project A.G.E. (Advanced Garment Exploration). Shayne was the first of many designers and talents who was given unprecedented access to Colmar's Research and Development Room where these selected designers and talents are invited to re-imagine and reinterpret Colmar's design DNA and history as these selected guests are given access to the brand's vast archives.

Hood by Air's very own Shayne Oliver was the first designer to take on the task and has presented two collections earlier this month during Milan Fashion Week. Oliver presented the first drop, which was launched globally on September 18th, and the second drop which will be available during the next sales campaign.

The debut Colmar A.G.E Collection by Shayne Oliver was presented in a very dynamic way where models, some of which were featured in the campaign and film shot in Austria by New Zealand director Sharna Osbourne in VHS and Super8, were integrated to the environment created around them. The breathtaking set design provided the perfect atmosphere for the showcase, where especially themed rooms at the Dazio di Ponente of the Arco della Pace became an experience rather than just a fashion show.

Guests were able to experience for themselves some of the elements used as inspiration for the collection, such as the arctic snow room completed with the snow-drops falling from the sky and a mesmerizing and rather magical walk through the autumnal forest. The enchanted frozen land beyond was the destination of our dreams followed by this incredible and mind-blowing room covered with mirrors from the ceiling to the floor. In other words, a completely new dimension working in perfect icy harmony.


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