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Amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic and all the uncertainties it has brought upon us, the fashion industry is pressing in to find ways to not only adapt to the new norm but to explore ways to improve and develop new ideas, trends, sales and marketing techniques and the ways they reach to their clients to continue to thrive even during these unprecedented times. In light of that, luxury Italian fashion house COLLINI MILANO has pushed the boundaries of imagination as they unveil their latest campaign depicting a striking new future they foresee.

The more we wait for the COVID-19 pandemic to be over fashion brands all across the world have been fighting hard to find their footing while seeking to swiftly adapt to the new world, and, whether or not we go back to the old days without social distancing and the rules attached to it the fashion industry is showing resilience in this new world. COLLINI MILANO continues to showcase its signature aesthetic with daring looks that combine luxury and boldness with an extra punch of power. The Milanese fashion house has been hit by the pandemic just as badly as the rest of the world and yet has been able to thrive amid the challenges they faced.

For Carmine Rotondaro, Head of COLLINI MILANO, the pandemic has surely forced us all to "compress virtually all aspects of our daily life into one single place and the most ordinary of all: our home." Rotondaro states that our home "is the place in which we are normally cosy and comfortable but, during the pandemic, this is also the place in which we have been directed and forced to be during times that we are normally in other places which are: elegant, sexy, sociable and glamorous."

In their brand new campaign, titled 'Adapt and Prevail', the Italian luxury house introduces us to a set of familiar images depicting home life, however, they present a shocking difference; the model wears a gas mask while going about her everyday life activities such as cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping while dressed glamorously elegant. These elements have been COLLINI MILANO's signature for a while as the brand has been synonymous with high glamour and elegance, but since the arrival of new owner Carmine Rotondaro, the fashion house is pushing the boundaries while keeping true to its heritage. Carmine is reinventing the label for a bolder and increasingly more demanding contemporary global audience.

Rotondaro tells us that "the pandemic confined the glamour of our life into the most “every day” of our life’s premises" and that COLLINI is living by the mantra of “everyday glamour” and that even in a post-COVID universe, they will continue to build on this concept to "create fashion that is, at the same time, easy and chic, functional and feminine, wearable and glamorous. This is for us the big fashion message of the pandemic." When talking about the concept and process used to execute the new campaign, Carmine states that "the idea of the gas mask photos derives from the creation process that blurs and combines different aesthetic codes and functionalities into a single presentation. It is this steady contamination between different suggestions: of the danger and angst suggested by the gas mask and of the peaceful and quiet home settings in which the pictures were shot. Of the oppression and containment suggested by the mask and of the outspoken glamour and chic of the styles that we chose for the shooting."

In his statement, Carmine goes on to say that "the combination of the duress and harshness of the gas masks and the sparkling femininity of the models wearing them. This concept of “contamination for glamour” that is the underlying of the campaign is also what Collini stands for. And I find interesting that the word “contamination” that we normally use for styles is originally a concept that has to do with viruses."

The imagery produced for the campaign is indeed striking and bold revealing COLLINI MILANO's ability to remain luxurious while sending a powerful message that aims to resonate with their global consumer base. Rotondaro desired to depict what the new normal - and the manner of which various contrasting aspects of life - has been compressed into one small operating space: our homes. He is also aware of the long-term impact the pandemic will inflict on the world and he tells us that he believes that "in the post COVID world, people will want to regain what the pandemic emergency has taken away from them. More specifically, they will want to enjoy, celebrate and communicate (all of which has been in same way inhibited during COVID). And they will want to do so appropriately and responsibly."

He continues by saying; "Collini will be there to cater to this wish and aspiration of our customers. As said, I believe that fashion is a mean of communication and, most importantly, it is a way of communication from a distance. By wearing a special and unique garment, footwear or accessory, we all send a message about our mood, our state of mind. And we can do so from a distance and without breaking the new social distancing rules. These rules have redefined some aspects of socialising and of accosting other people. I think that a bold and unique look and appearance will be more and more a way of communicating and socialising. With its array of glamorous looks, Collini can certainly help with that." Rotondaro goes on to express that "a special and unique look is a way of celebrating ourselves and the beauty of many aspects of the daily life that we used to take for granted and that the current pandemic has suddenly interrupted and turned off. I think that Collini style is particularly suitable for this need of celebration and we will always be up to it."

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