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Self-care can look different for each individual, from meditating to relaxing with a glass of wine in the evenings. The world has felt really heavy for the last few years making it even more important to focus on ourselves and our physical, emotional, mental and physical well-being in the midst of a global pandemic. With this in mind self-care gifts are pretty much a must for this year’s gifts to take into the new year! It is also makes a lovely gesture to friends and family members.

So go ahead and help your loved ones help themselves with an array of gifts that will help them relax, look great, relax a little for 2022!


Let’s start with Liforme which is one of the yoga’s industry leading brands specialing in eco-friendly and advance technology mats with grip technology to their Waterproof Barriers. Liforme offers four collections of eco-friendly and body-kind mats, which are non-toxic, PVC-free and when disposed of or after their lifecycle, will biodegrade in normal landfill conditions within 1-5 years, effectively turning into fertiliser to nourish the earth, rather than poisoning it.

Liforme are giving the gift of wellness this year and not only will you be giving to a loved one or yourself, you’ll also be giving back to the planet and it’s inhabitants, as Liforme offers the choice to donate 3% from every purchase to Friends of the Earth (environmental conservation) GLAAD (LGBTQ accept- ance) Yoga Gives Back (supporting vulnerable women and children in India) or to plant 5 trees via reforestation platform, Tree- Nation.

Available to buy from: RRP:


The perfect luxury gift set for men, as this set includes everything you would need for that new year fresh skin look and feel. This set will have you feeling super ready and luxurious for the new year ahead. Another amazing feature of owning this set is that the products are all organic and it includes their best-selling cleanser and toner. As if this set doesn’t sound amazing enough, It also has their award-winning all-day hydrator and eye cream. This Trio set also comes with a free SPF!

Available to buy from: RRP: £122


This year Centrepoint are encouraging people to divert some of the gift spending to help the homeless young people in the UK. This winter you could give more than a gift and keep a young adult safe and feeling the end of year magic. Your gift can get someone a Christmas Dinner for £10 to place to sleep for £35. The pandemic has really had a major effect on the homeless community so add to that the harsh conditions of winter, homeless people rely on Christmas act of giving. Your kindness and generosity could really help them start to rebuild and support their futures.

Available to buy from:


Bullard’s Gin is leading the path of the sustainable with their eco-refill pouches which allows you to return to the store or purchase online to refill your Bullards Gin Bottle. This is an amazing way to minimising waste and environmental impact. On top of this, the gin is fantastic and it comes with a range of four gin flavours. They also offer taste experiences at their tasting rooms which could make a lovely day out.

Available to buy from:


Olverum is leading the way with green beauty and natural wellness. Olverum Body Polish is a dream, from the smell to the deep cleanse it gives your skin subsequently by the glow it will give you. It is like having the salon experience at home. It is great for self and world care because it is made from natural products (meaning it’s great for the environment) and their unique blend of essential oils is super relaxing. It is the perfect self-care needed for 2022 for yourself, friends and family.

Available to buy from:

RRP: £38


Cucielo provides a wonderfully complex collection of Italian vermouths crafted in the revered style of Vermouth di Torino. They are the ideal ingredient for Christmas cocktails and makes for a stylish, thoughtful gift for any cocktail enthusiast. Vermouths are made in harmony with nature and packaged with sustainable or 100% recyclable materials.

Available to buy on:


Angela Langford is a natural skincare brand that focuses on the best ingredients for your skin. They use no parabens, no petrochemicals, no synthetic fragrances or other nasties. They do a range of products for all of your skin needs. It comes in lovey packaging plus the quality and smell of the products is delightful. It also arrives in a beautiful gift hamper and there is also an offer of free try before you buy samples for new customers!

Available to buy from:


Pantherella is reducing environmental impact by working towards improving their ethical performance and contributing to sustainability. Knitted from yarn from recycled plastics, these environmentally conscious socks will make the perfect pocket-sized gift.

Available to buy from:


Taking skincare to the next level is the PMD Clean Pro which has advance technology of activewarmth with 24K Gold to give you that luxury and advance beauty experience and quality. This device has four different settings, two for cleansing and two for massaging in serums. This allows you to create a customised facial experience.

Available to buy from:

RRP: £135


Foragers is a British brand created in North Wales, they use apples, elderberry, gorse and heather flowers which creates a magically tasty fresh gin. It is the perfect gin to add to cocktails and can really elevate your taste buds. This one will be popular at any party or gathering!

Available to buy from:


Ever fancied making your own beer? The Pinter 2 allows to do that from the comfort of your own home as well as being a sustainable way of making your own beer and cutting down the environmental impact. This kit will give you, friends or family ample opportunities to learn to make your own beer and customise it with a range of favours. We love any products that bring a bit of outside comforts to your home which is what is just needed for 2022!

Available to buy from:


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