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Introducing Fonella, an exciting new artist who emerges as the producer, songwriter, and brainchild of musician Trygve Tronstad, bringing us his introspective debut album 'A Lot (Right Now)'. The project originated in 2017 during Fonella's first years of college, amidst the tumult of youthful introspection, with songwriting serving as a lifeline amidst the chaos that comes with these often turbulent years.

At its core, Fonella's music is a fusion of folk-pop, where lyrical depth and delivery are paramount. Drawing inspiration from the American indie-folk movement, Tronstad's influences, including Phoebe Bridgers, Adrienne Lenker, Bon Iver, and Sufjan Stevens, permeate throughout his sound. Through his unique perspective, he endeavours to carve out a musical universe where themes of mental health, relationships, and self-reflection intertwine with warm, melodic instrumentals, fostering an intimate connection between artist and audience.

Throughout the album, Fonella unveils a musical landscape where vulnerability meets melody, crafting a sanctuary for those navigating the complexities of existence, stitched throughout with poignant moments where instruments resonate loudly, reflective of feelings of reaching a breaking point.

When discussing his new track, 'A Lot (Right Now)', Fonella states: “It's about one of my very first days as a student, the same day my girlfriend and I broke up. Right after it happened, I had to take a picture for my student ID, with tears in my eyes. The rest of the day was spent pretending everything was fine in front of all my brother's friends.”

Listen to 'A Lot (Right Now)' HERE.


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