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On May 25, 2020, African-American man, George Floyd, died in the hands of police officers who abused their authority and even physical strength causing the tragic death of George Floyd. Since the wake of his death, the community of Minneapolis, Minnesota - and the world - have risen to protest and demand change on how policing is done across the United States, as well as pursuing the end of police brutality and racism by the police force.

As Black Lives Matter protests continue across America and the world, in the wake of the murder of George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer, we have put together a list of organisations and funds you can support by donating/reaching out to during this time.

BLACK LIVES MATTER: Is one of the most prominent organisations dedicated to taking real and effective action against the issue of white supremacy and racism in all its forms. The organisation has bases in the UK, US and Canada and their work aims to not only promote awareness but lead people into taking action against racism and discrimination. Black Lives Matter’s regional outposts are responsible for the organization and running of many of the main protests happening across the United States and the UK.

GEORGE FLOYD MEMORIAL FUND: The George Floyd Memorial Fund was set up by the late George Floyd’s sister Philonise in the wake of his tragic and unjust death. The Floyd family is seeking justice George's death with a separate petition which has been signed by over 13 million people calling for the officers involved to face criminal charges (so far one officer, Derek Chauvin, has been charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter). The George Floyd Memorial Fund has quickly become a beacon of hope in the fight against racism and police brutality.

Rest in Power, Beautiful #blacklivesmatter produced by BLACK LIVES MATTER GLOBAL NETWORK

NATIONAL BAIL FUND NETWORK: The National Bail Fund Network’s directory is a comprehensive list of community bail funds across the United States' fifty states and was created by the Community Justice Exchange. The NBFN is one of the highly valuable resources during this time and aims to mobilize people across the US and other countries around the world to provide donations which are directed to pay bail for protesters who have been arrested during the manifestations across the United States. As the protests throughout the country continue, more arrests are believed to happen as the US Government takes action against the protests and those attending. This is a great way for foreign nationals to actively support and help those brave man and women taking on the streets seeking justice and change in policing.

THE BAIL PROJECT: The organisation is working in cities across America, The Bail Project’s National Revolving Bail Fund helps those who have been arrested by paying bail sums, to reduce racial and economic inequalities in the incarceration system. If you are outside the United States and would like to actively get involved in the movement this is a great place to donate and make a difference. Every dollar counts!

RECLAIM THE BLOCK: One of Minneapolis' own organisations, Reclaim the Block campaigns for a safer Minneapolis. They set up non-violent protests and movements seeking after violence prevention, reform in the housing issues in the city, providing and asking for more resources for youth, emergency mental health response teams, and solutions to the opioid crisis. They fight for a better Minneapolis and seek for the much-needed changes to be funded over the police force. The organisation has also been one of the most important movements spearheading the community initiatives that aim to reduce the reliance on the police across the city.

BLACK MAMAS BAIL OUTS: The initiative is run by the black-led organisation National Bail Out Collective, Black Mamas Bail Outs has in the forefront of their work the release of women and caregivers who have been arrested but cannot afford to pay for their bail. Besides providing bail funds and advocating for the release of these women the collective also offers fellowship programmes and employment opportunities to people the organisation works with. The organisation is actively and effectively fighting not only for equality but is providing hope and options for those who are in need of a real lifeline.

COLOR OF CHANGE: This is America's largest online racial justice organisation, Color of Change, and campaigns for an absolute end to the injustices faced by black people in America. In their fight for justice, the Color of Change organisation also seeks to span criminal justice, workplace justice, politics, voting freedom and democracy, economic justice and more. Their work is dedicated to trigger real action where enaction has existed for too long and they seek to promote and achieve long-term changes that will serve justice properly and accordingly.

UNICORN RIOT: Is the media organisation dedicated to covering social and environmental issues through its independent platform. The Unicorn Riot is funded by grants and donations - which you can take part in donating and is on the frontline of the current uprising and fight for justice. Unicorn Riot's journalists have been reporting daily on protests in the United States in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

WHAT MATTERS: Black Lives Matter’s South Bend Members - Community Organizers produced by BLACK LIVES MATTER GLOBAL NETWORK

THE STEPHEN LAWRENCE CHARITABLE TRUST: This is a UK-based organisation which was set up in the name of Stephen Lawrence. Stephen was killed in a racially motivated attack back in 1993 and from his tragic death, the Trust was created. They work with young people, aged 13 to 30, from disadvantaged backgrounds to help them into employment as well as helping companies operate more diversely.

BLACK VISIONS COLLECTIVE: The Black Visions Collective is a black-, trans- and queer-led organisation based in Minnesota in the USA and campaigns for real and effective longterm changes in the state’s justice and political systems. The collective works by empowering black people on local levels and creating broader opportunities for them within the day-to-day landscape. In the wake of George Floyd’s death, the organisation is campaigning for the defunding of the police and the reshuffling of the resources into areas of social justice that need more funding from the American government.

CAMPAIGN ZERO: The Campaign Zero’s mission is to completely and swiftly end all police violence in the US, and outlines actions that local, state and federal officials can take to cause real changes at policy levels. The organisation has been tracking the progress in legislation across cities and states and they encourage people to educate themselves on how their local representatives have acted to end police violence and to demand action.


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