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words Filipe Phitzgerard - images courtesy of Weekday

Contemporary apparel label Weekday has unveiled their latest project for Spring/Summer 2020 and this time the Swedish brand is exploring nostalgia and style through denim. The limited-edition SS/20 denim collection, titled 'Denim Like It's 1999' pays homage to a significant and incredible time in history when a generation was raised on MTV, Paris Hilton, Backstreet Boys, flip phones and the advent of reality TV; the 2000s were quite something and defined the world we live in today when it comes to pop music, television and even fashion - remember Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's double denim look at the 2001 American Music Awards? The 2000s were indeed an incredible time and for those of us who have grown up in that time, fashion has become something we are very informed and conscious about.

Weekday has then taken inspiration from that golden decade to create a collection that focuses on style and functionality before anything else. This limited-edition collection is inspired by an era before the internet and social media explosion which have greatly dominated and influenced the way we consume fashion. Back in the 2000s fashion and styling seemed to be more edgy, care-free, and fun, hence the double denim looks...With that in mind, this season is inspired by some of the most iconic movements of the early 00s such as the visible G-strings, and the reality TV taking denim away from the standard workwear structure into a more personal relationship between the body and the clothes covering it.

The campaign imagery seeks to enhance that feeling and relationship by focusing on the garments and the skin they touch. The 2000s collection references are seen throughout in the low slung jeans, tight fitted transparent tops, light blue denim all-over print and deconstructed pieces with peek-a-boo details that exist somewhere between sexy and playful. This collection is also a milestone moment for Weekday who sees their target to produce all their denim from organic cotton by 2020 is achieved.

Sustainability Manager at Weekday, Ulrika Jakobsson, recently stated about the collection; “It feels great that we reached our goal for 2020, that 100% of our cotton is organic or recycled. Organic cotton is grown without chemical treatments and require much less energy and water than regular cotton. Recycled cotton is even better since it uses resources already out there. Next step will be to increase the share of recycled cotton and scale up new alternatives to cotton.”

The collection consists of 100% organic cotton denim pieces catering for both women and men. For women, the highlighted pieces are the denim G-string detail which appears on the yoke of the jeans, while an actual pair of G-string underwear appear in the underwear assortment, as both a necessity and an accessory. For men, the transparent tops compliment a more fluid and relaxed look with straight cuts. Consistent for both men and women, black and off-white create a base for light blue denim and sage green pieces which compliments the bold pink in the women’s range.

The collection will be available in select stores and online, starting January 23rd.

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