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Emi fronts F Word's latest beauty story captured through the lens of London-based photographer Lee Scullion and makeup artist Jo Leversuch that represents Spring and Summer Equinox seasons, along with the launch of Untitled No 1. Leversuch explains: "Think of the colours during those seasons, the sky, flowers, insects, nature. The collage concept was inspired by David Hockney at Salt Mills and a representation of "modern beauty", “oversized features” as a concept but then equally created the most delicate beautiful makeup and photography (representative of flowers)." Hair by Cliodhna Murphy.

CREDITS: Makeup brushes by JO LEVERSUCH of UNTITLED NO 1; lipsticks LISA ELDRIDGE; brows WBCo; eyes & cheeks GLOSSIER; skin base ARIANE POOLE; body & highlighter PROSHINE

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