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Cheltenham-born and raised Jack and George Adamson are the two brothers whose personality and charisma have the power to instantly captivate you. Besides being a pair of beautiful siblings - both inside and out - the duo are creatively multifaceted and are the real epitome of what being young is all about. They are fun and care-free with a great sense of humour and yet, the Adamson brothers have their eyes in a future that already seems bright and shiny for both of them whether they are together or apart.

Jack, at the age of twenty, is seen as the more sensitive and thoughtful brother whom according to George has a compassionate heart and is someone you can truly trust, and, in all fairness, as outsiders, it doesn't take a genius or psychic to figure as much as Jack exudes those qualities whenever you speak to him. His gentle heart and matured emotions have led him down the path of songwriting where the young creative translates his very deep, raw and real emotions and thoughts into lyrics that will entice and captive you as you listen to them. Admittedly, and even by his own account, Jack isn't the perfect singer and yet his unique style and willingness to be vulnerable through his music have made him someone truly relatable and approachable; qualities we genuinely love in artists.

On the other end of the spectrum is younger but not least, George, whom at the age of sixteen has a real heart for the creative things be it fashion, customization of sneakers and clothes, carpentry or anything that he sets his mind on. This free-spirited teen has the superpower of making you laugh unexpectedly as he wins your heart over with his candid smile. He easily transmits this great positive energy to those around him and was voted the funniest brother by his sibling Jack. But don't let George's whole attitude and childlike heart deceive you, this young creative is miles ahead of his own time when it comes to reflecting on life and the future. He dreams while working to achieve his dreams; being aware of the challenges and responsibilities a young person should consider as they grow up to become what they dreamed of becoming.

Even from a distance, it would be impossible not to notice the deep and meaningful connection these two brothers have with each other and how, whether knowingly or not, they have helped and supported each other in ways much deeper than the eye can see. They are best friends and brothers and an anchor and safe place to one another and even though they come from a family of creatives - their father, Marksteen Adamson and cousins are photographers and creatives of all sorts - Jack and George manage to stand on their own while maintaining the family roots firmly founded on the ground.

Today, the two brothers and creatives are signed with Menace Model Management and under the experienced wings of their agent Patrick Egbon-Marshall, the duo steps into a new universe. While in lockdown, we had the chance to meet these two gems for the first time; all done safely from the comfort of our homes while social distancing. We came to know a bit of who the Adamson brothers are, their stories and family, growing up in the country and the things that motivate and inspire them creatively. With the help of their cousin, photographer Elijah Horne [at Standard Service] we asked the boys to record a short documentary to us where they talk about growing up together, their relationship with one another and the creative world and what it means to be young for them. Jack and George recorded and edited the documentary with the direction of our editor Filipe Phitzgerard and editorial photography by Elijah Horne.

F Word: Were you both creative from a young age? Jack Adamson: Yeah, we've always been making things, whether it was drawings, Legos, shoes or making films, we've always been encouraged to be creative and do things rather than just pissing around and stuff like that.

F Word: Tell us an embarrassing story about your brother from when you were younger: George Adamson: Hmm, we were having a bath together as little kids, and Jack just stands up and starts pissing on me [laughs] all over my face. And he tried to cover it up and deny it like "sorry, I can't stop" but he just kept going. [Laughs] This was like two weeks ago... [laughs].

F Word: What is the best and worst thing about your brother? Jack Adamson: George has a lot of energy and he dresses well... but yeah... sometimes it's a bit too much because he's like bouncing off the walls.

George Adamson: Jack is like, super disciplined. He gets a lot of stuff done and when he starts doing something he really finishes it and he will do things well. He is a perfectionist as well so he won't finish something unless he really likes it. And the worst thing is that Jack used to snitch on me for like anything that I did. And the worst thing was that he never did anything wrong... [laughs] so I could never snitch him up.

F Word: How would you describe yourself? George Adamson: It's kind of a hard question but I'd say I am quite ambitions. I really like to do a lot of stuff and I get inspired easily. I see things or read about something and that will inspire me and I start doing it. The problem is that I will start all these projects I have been inspired about but I won't finish it. But there are things that I really like and when I find them I really put myself into it and carry through it.

Jack Adamson: I'd say I am pretty relaxed but at the same time I am quite spacey.

F Word: How would you describe your brother? George Adamson: Jack is pretty laid back, pretty chilled about a lot of stuff and very rarely he gets stressed about stuff which is like a big contrast with me because I stress a lot. And even though he used to snitch on me a lot, he is still very trustworthy and compassionate.

F Word: How did you start making music? Jack Adamson: I've always played the guitar, but I didn't really start making music until George and I found Brockhampton and I just thought it was so cool how they just made all their stuff on their own, they didn't have a studio or a label and they were just doing everything on their house and I thought "shit, maybe I can do this..." so yeah, I started messing about on my laptop with Garage Band, and I started singing... I couldn't sing then I started listening to Rex Orange County and I was like "shit, I can kinda sing these songs..." not very well but I practised loads...

F Word: Tell us about your relationship with fashion. George Adamson: Yeah I really like fashion and shoes, and sneaker in particular and I am really inspired by Virgil Abloh and The Shoe Surgeon and I took a pair of old beat-up AirForce 1 which is a classic and I unstitched all the panels and put them on new materials and cut the shapes and re-stitched them.

F Word: What is being young for you? Jack Adamson: I'd say being young for me is not really having any personal responsibilities and having the freedom to do what you want and learn from your own mistakes.

George Adamson: For me, it is really important to learn a lot of things while you are young. Really learn about life and fitting in into different things like a new first job and respect for your elders and not the things you learn at school. For me, being young is all about that time to learn things.

F Word: How did you get into modelling? Jack Adamson: My cousin Eli (Elijah Horne) who is a fashion photographer introduced me to Patrick (Founder of Menace Model Management) one day after I had bleached my hair and he was like "sick!" and messaged me... and that was it. [Smiles]

George Adamson: Me and Jack who was always a model - because he is pretty - were on a walk in the hills and Jack was on his phone recording videos because he likes doing that and we were just rolling around and in one of the videos Jack recorded me and his agent saw it and asked him "hey who is that?" and he introduced us and that's how I got into modelling.








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