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As part of a new series, F Word asked multifaceted rapper and producer SBK to give us an insight into his world, through showcasing a day in his life. And, as anticipated, this young star delivers a raw, honest and captivating approach to storytelling. We also got the chance to ask some questions to get to know this exciting emerging artist a little better.

F WORD: What are you hoping people will take from this song/EP/album?

SBK: I’m hoping that people that are going through a hard time can relate and realise they are not alone, they are not alone in feeling insecure, they are not alone in feeling vulnerable. That’s why I like sad music so much, because there’s music that helps people run away from their problems, and then there’s music like this that makes people feel better about the fact they have problems.

F WORD: What genre could you see yourself experimenting with for a future project?

SBK: I am making emo / alternative indie and rock records now, ‘INSECURE’ is my first step towards that direction. I’ll probably do an EP of just that style, just because I love it.

F WORD: If you had to choose a new career completely outside of anything having to do with music, what would it be?

SBK: I always say this, but I think I would be a jeweller, I love jewellery and the process of making it, and I want to pursue it more as a hobby.

F WORD: What’s bringing the most joy to your days lately?

SBK: I’ve found out about manifestation recently, and I’m feeling mentally stronger because I realise that I have complete control over my life, I’m not letting life beat me up, being happy or sad is a choice and that realisation is bring me a lot of joy.

F WORD: What’s motivating you the most lately?

SBK: All I need is to go back to my home town (Stevenage) to feel motivated because it puts into perspective how far I’ve come already and how much I’ve changed. I had a rough upbringing and the contrast to life now is crazy (in a good way).

F WORD: What advice do you have for yourself for tomorrow?

SBK: My advice to myself is to continue to grow, but remain the same. I always want to keep being a better person. I am far from perfect but I have something special, and that’s the will to keep learning and become a better version of myself. And all though I never will, I want to remind myself never to give up, no matter the odds.


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