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words Luca Mitchell - images courtesy of Strawberries & Creem festival

To get you all in tune with what is about to kick off this weekend at Strawberries and Creem festival, we have put together a playlist to give you just a taste of that cream. Cambridgeshire will once again be hit by some of the best from the genres of rap, grime, garage, and house – a stellar way to spend your Saturday. So, if you’re one of the unlucky ones who can’t join in on all the fun, take a listen to some of these bops to see what you’re missing out on.


No one at Haggis Farm will be complaining when T-Pain storms the main stage with his mix of R&B and Hip Hop, hitting them with his unforgettable flows. His music had everyone moving in the noughties, and will do exactly the same when he bounces that flirtatious rhythm he is known for at Strawberries and Creem. A US billboard 200 chart topper in 2007, with 2 Grammy awards from collaborations with the legends Kanye West and Jamie Fox - the 32-year-old songwriter is an obvious choice for a headliner. Want to get in the mood with a bit of T-Pain? Check out his absolute classic ‘Buy U A Drank’.


Who better to spend a Saturday out in the sun with other than David Rodigan, the man renowned for his reggae sound-clashing. Spinning the decks since before the 1970’s, Rodigan has become quite the name over the years for his infectious reggae DJ skills which blend Jamaican and dance music genres to create beats full of flavor to move to. It is no surprise that he is Britain’s most celebrated DJ of his genre, and definitely not one to be missed this weekend, nor to be missed from your playlists! Take a look at Rodigan hypnotize the boiler room and you’ll get why his sets are so revered.


Shy FX mashes-up drum and base with jungle to produce lighting speed creations, and if you can keep up, you’re going to be bound to the incredible insanity of them. Part of the furniture in the world of drum and base after his breakthrough track ‘original nutter’ with MC UK Apachi, an absolute must listen if you’re looking for a bit of the madness Shy FX bring, and we will all be moving like nutters when Andre Williams (Shy FX) comes around at Strawberries and Creem on Saturday.


You better be expecting true festival tunes full of that body possessing beat when American-English DJ Second City tears it up, his instantly recognizable hits, such as ‘I wanna feel’, are without a doubt going to have the audience feeling it as he brings the heat to Cambridge this weekend. The Spine-tingling tunes and deep vibrating bass that signature his music are irresistible to lose yourself too – so be ready to give it all up for this impressive DJ.


Go for a ride with Kojo Funds and his sensational lyrical movements and immersive rhyming. One of his more recent productions “Stallin’” will not have you halting, instead, it will get you right into gear for his hot Afro-Swing movements in the music industry. Kojo Funds has a certain tempo that has got a great attitude, one that’s won him collaborations with the likes of Yxng Bane and Abra Cadabra, and he will surely get every ligament loose, especially when commanding an entire festival stage.


English rapper Ghetts brings a bit of the Caribbean to the London grime scene with his heavy waves, surrounding you with instrumental uproars and catchy vocals. Justin Clarke’s music is making ripples in the music industry for his innate ability to evoke an almost spiritual reaction in his crowds, who by all accounts go absolutely wild for his music, and it’s easy to understand why once you listen to his bars you are instantly hooked – the crowd at this year's Strawberries and Creem better be ready for the fire that Ghetts is going to bring. He knows his stuff, so it’s only fitting you should have a listen to ‘know my ting’ to begin your new obsession (or continued one) with Clarke.


Forget the pen and paper when Not3s comes through, this singer/rapper will plant himself firmly in your mind, with flows that are almost edible they are so sticky and sweet. For music that fuses hip-hop, Afrobeats, grime and R&B, this Londoner manages to stay smooth, adopting his own unique style which has one over staples of the industry such as Tinie Tempah and Shakka. Not3s lyrics are weirdly relatable, even giving us a composition about a taxi company, but his impact as an artist will take you out this world entirely – or ideally, to Strawberries and Creem to watch him do his thing live.


Nottingham-born DJ and producer Joe Bradley, aka Latmun, has already released on some of the most recognized labels in the house music scene and reached the charts with consistent energetic music, among his chart-topping tracks is ‘Everybody’s Dancin’ and a remix of the seminal classic ‘Flash’. Latmun's performance at Strawberries & Creem is one not to be missed, his tracks are not just electrifying but have that awesome joyful feeling to it that will make you just feel the great-positive vibes.


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