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The busiest street not only in London but also Europe saw some of its half a million daily visitors, from all walks of life, put the shopping bags down and stop their busy lives to witness something very interesting that was about to unfold. It was here that Oxford Circus Cross was quite literally ‘crossed-off’ with a pink carpet that was hard to miss. Cameras were poised by the press, David Bowie’s iconic song ‘Five Year’s’ soon would play and the place was transformed into a catwalk from whom else but the people of Extinction Rebellion. Titling the event ‘Fashion Circus’, the ballsy organisation (that if you haven’t already heard of, where have you been?!) teamed up with student colleges and universities all over London to showcase their sustainable fashion designs upon parading models with a message. And that message was clear, to draw attention to the causes of fast-fashion and its unsustainable effects on our beloved planet.

However, what was so special to spectate were the crowds of the people the event so naturally, and effortlessly, drew in. From spectators to performers, people approached from all callings. Young children spread flyers, elders (and might I add the most eccentric of the bunch) recited poetry, teens painted faces and people of all ethnicities and sexualities raised flags, danced and took note. And it was this inclusiveness, diversity and downright eccentricity that reminded us all of what being human is about. And how we are at our strongest, happiest and the most empowered when we all come together.


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