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WHEN PALLADIUM MEETS JAZZELLE words Andrea Ward - images courtesy of PALLADIUM at Fabric PR

Palladium Boots has teamed up with social media activist and model Jazzelle Zanaughtti a.k.a uglyworldwide to create a bold and outlandish capsule collection of footwear that perfectly emulates the model's punchy identity and loving personality. Titled 'PALLAKIX UGLYWORLDWIDE' the collection features four special edition designs of Palladium's PALLAKIX. The award-winning footwear brand has partnered with Jazzelle as she epitomizes the current contemporary wave of social awareness and equality all elements that are also part of Palladium's core DNA.

Palladium recognizes the shifts happening in the world especially when it comes to the "outdated modes of social conformity and binary beliefs of what is right and wrong" and there would be no better person to partner with than Jazzelle. The capsule collection is deeply influenced by Jazzelle's online persona on social media taking inspiration from her looks and color palette and making this collection highly recognizable. The new and fresh hues of red, yellow, green, and black are somewhat outside the usual choices taken by the French footwear label and a clear step forward into the above and beyond universe of contemporary design.

The collaboration also sees Jazzelle's UGLY circular logo taking Palladium's own showcasing the cementing of the partnership between them. The PALLAKIX UGLYWORLDWIDE capsule collection is now available worldwide online and in selected stores. To shop visit


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