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MEET & GREET WITH JAY TAYLOR AT MENACE MGMT words Hugo Fernandes - photography David Wheeler

Hertford-born Jay Taylor is the newest gorgeous face in the modelling scene and someone to watch closely as he starts his promising journey in the world of fashion. Jay was discovered by none other than Patrick Egbon Marshall, founder, and director of Menace Model Management who has become known in the fashion and modelling industry for discovering and developing some incredible faces.

Taylor is effortlessly captivating and as he enters this fast-paced and ever so interesting industry, we got the chance to talk to him about his upbringing, modelling, and much more.

Hugo Fernandes: Hey Jay, thanks for talking to us. So, let’s start from the beginning; how old are you and where are you originally from? Jay Taylor: I am currently 18 years young [Smiles] and I am from Hertford.

H.F: Do you still live there? J.T: I am currently living just outside Hertford now.

H.F: How was it growing up there? J.T: I was pretty fun. I had a normal childhood and as you would do, I met a lot of my closest mates while growing up there.

H.F: How did you get into modelling? J.T: I got scouted at Westfield, the big shopping center in Stratford in East London. I was heading to a West Ham game when Patrick, from Menace Models, found me and came to speak to me.

H.F: Before starting as a model, did you ever think or consider it? J.T: I never really thought I could do it but my mum always said; "you should be a model" but I just thought that was a mother thing, you know, like every mother thinks her children could be models [laughs] but here I am.

H.F: How has it been since you started as a model? J.T: It’s been amazing. It’s great to have the opportunity to travel the world while working as well and meeting all the new and interesting people in the industry. I am having a lot of fun with it.

H.F: What would you say has been the best moment in your modelling career, so far? J.T: So far, my best moment has to be my first fashion show in Paris for Rynshu; the buzz I got after was amazing and of course all the wonderful people I’ve met on the way.

H.F: What are your thoughts and expectations when it comes to modelling? Is the industry what you thought it would be like? J.T: In all honesty, I didn’t know too much about modelling before I started so I didn’t know what to expect but it’s a really enjoyable industry to be in and everyone I have met so far is really friendly. I guess I still have a lot to discover and people and places to go to. It is quite exciting though.

H.F: Let’s get personal; tell us something interesting or funny about you that people don’t know yet. J.T: I lived in France for five months on a set of fishing lakes with my mum for a while which was an experience.

H.F: Oh wow. Can you speak any French? J.T: Oh, no! [Laughs]

H.F: Do you have any siblings? J.T: Yes, I do. I have four siblings.

H.F: Oh wow. How old are they? J.T: I've got an older sister, who is 27 and an older brother who is 24 years old. I then have two half-sisters who are twelve and five years old.

H.F: And are you close to your siblings? J.T: Yes. I am really close to my family.

H.F: What does your family think about the modelling industry and you being in it? J.T: My family is very supportive of me going into modelling because they want the best for me. My dad is helping me out with funds to get me started which is also a massive help.

H.F: That's so nice. What’s the dream client and dream country to go to? J.T: My dream client would have to be Stone Island and Japan or China would be nice to go to.

H.F: Do you follow the fashion trends? J.T: No, not particularly. I just have my style that I’ve stuck to for some time but I’m starting to change it up a little. I guess the more you know of the industry and fashion in general that starts to slowly impress and change your style.

H.F: Do you have any other hidden talents? J.T: I can’t think of anything of the top of my head. [Smiles]

H.F: How was your first fashion week season? J.T: It was great. I met loads of people and made loads of new friends who I’m hoping to see again in the future.

H.T: What is the best and worst thing about it: J.T: The best thing was doing the shows and then going to the after-parties, and, to be honest, I can’t think of a bad experience I had.

H.F: Top three favourite brands or designers right now: J.T: Stone Island, CP Company and Louis Vuitton.

Let’s do a quickfire round.

H.F: Favourite movie of all times: J.T: Shaun of the Dead.

H.F: A song that best describes you: J.T: Young T & Bugsey ft. Aitch - Strike a Pose.

H.F: Top three artists: J.T: I can say AJ Tracey but I don’t have others that I would single out as I listen to all types of music.

H.F: A place you want to travel to: J.T: Pyramids of Giza.

H.F: Something you can’t live without: J.T: My phone.

H.F: Least favourite food: J.T: Coffee because I can’t think of a food.

H.F: A word that best describes you: J.T: Chilled.

H.F: Complete the sentence; Family is: J.T: Everything!

H.F: Describe your perfect day: J.T: Beach, sun and a beer.

H.F: If you could send someone on a one-way trip to Mars; who would that be? J.T: Donald Trump.

H.F: Favourite F-word. J.T: Family!

Words: Hugo Fernandes

Photography: David Wheeler


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