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ON THE MOVE WITH LEE JEANS AND TIMBERLAND words Filipe Phitzgerard - images courtesy of Lee Jeans

Iconic amd globaly known heritage brands Lee Jeans and Timberland have teamed up to create a 15-piece workwear-led unisex collection that celebrates these two brands' hability and compromise to adaption; one that has been developed and established over the decades they've existed and their honest and unbreakable connections to their roots.

In order to create this cohesive and outstanding collection both brands looked at their own archives where they took references from some of the most recognizable Lee and Timberland pieces. Both brands have become known for their commitment to high-quality well-crafted workwear where the materials used at each and every collection are in line with their respective classic design elements while introducing cohesive twists that elevate the collections and keep the pieces current enough to appeal to both the older and younger consumer.

Lee Jeans and Timberland also focus on sustainability - something that can no longer be ignored by major clothing and apparel labels across the globe. In their commitment with a more envirounmental friedly approach Lee and Timberland use fabrics such as the organic cotton and linen/flax, along with the recycled polyester for the yarns, recycled cashmere and merino wool, reduced garment wash, and a light water-proofed coating. This collection also sees the Denim shades coming in a brighter, cleaner green-cast shades, which are aimed to reducing the indigo in the dyeing process.

Some of the key styles seen throughout this collection is the Loose Crop Jean, the wide-leg silhouette cropped short in length allowing the ends to skim the top of the Timberland boot. Another great feature and highlight of this collection is the recycled grey weft and a PFC free water repellent coating which are offering more protection against wind and rain at a smaller environmental cost. Further details include the reflective binding on the edges of the side seam giving the wearer safety at night when worn cuffed. The Box Jacket is also a strong feature within the collection and is presented in a straight fit denim jacket with chest and patched hand pockets is also a key piece. Featuring similar sustainable denim credentials as the jeans, the jacket is also lined with a brushed printed blanket stripe and a rust-colored 8 whale corduroy at the collar and inside cuff for added warmth.

The denim shares rail space with a Shoulder Piece, Side Pocket Sweatshirts, Half Sleeve T-Shirt, Flannel Shirt, Backpack and more.

For more information and to shop Lee Jeans visit For more information and to shop Timberland visit


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