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Maddi Waterhouse is the 21 year old model who we can't keep away from. Having previously chatted about her blossoming music career, we wanted to hear about Maddi's modelling endeavour. With a love for the arts, being on set and around creatives proved to be both inspiring and influential for Maddi's career, and from starting at the age of just 16 years old, she hasn't looked back.

F Word's editor-in-chief, Maisie Daniels, got to catch up with Maddi to hear all about merging modelling and music, dream jobs and Maddi's most memorable modelling moment - it's a good one!

Maisie Daniels: Heya Maddi, how are you today?

Maddi Waterhouse: I’m feeling like I'm starting to emerge out of my little shell! Thank you sunshine.

M.D: How long have you been modelling?

M.W: I had my first job when I was 16. I remember taking it very seriously and wanting to come across as really professional. After that, I was keen to do loads more as I loved being on set and meeting people who were doing interesting and exciting things in photography and fashion, two things which I always loved. I would, and still do, ask the photographer, makeup artist and stylist millions of questions about how they started out and what they love about it. I joined an agency that year, but school was my top priority (aka my parents), so I did shoots selectively. At the time, I was gutted when I couldn’t go and work, but looking back, I am glad that they didn’t let me take time off school.

M.D: How have you found your industry has been affected during the Covid-19 pandemic? Any

positives that have come out of it?

M.W: During the pandemic, I have been focusing on music and finishing my degree. For me, making music is a collaborative face to face process, so I struggled with zoom sessions (I get so easily distracted! mainly by my dogs). However, I have definitely got some good material to work with from all the writing I did in lockdown, which makes me really excited to get back in the studio this summer.

Maddi wears boxers & socks LES GIRLS LES BOYS; jumper URBAN OUTFITTERS

M.D: What has been your most memorable modelling moment (that’s a mouthful!) and why?

M.W: Shooting with Kate Bellm on a female-only team on a road trip in Portugal. I was leaning against a Delorean on a cliffside at sunset, wearing leather hot pants and vintage MiuMiu boots, pretty iconic.

M.D: You’re also an amazing singer-songwriter - do you think your modelling career has influenced your music career in any way? And if so, how?

M.W: As well as meeting some really cool people on jobs or at events that motivated and inspired me, it has definitely influenced the visual side of my music. It gave me an idea of the vibe I like in terms of photo and video, alongside my own interest in photography, which provided me with the confidence to know what I want for artwork and video. It also gave me the experience to be comfortable in front of the camera, which I think really helped me when it came to shooting the video for 'greedy'! I had to completely forget about the strangers walking by (often laughing at us) and focus fully on singing and moving.

M.D: A little bird tells me you’ve just had an EP come out? Tell us more!

M.W: Yess! I just released the last two songs on my EP in March. It has been an amazing experience. I worked on the EP for a couple of years. It has been incredible (and a little scary) to go through the transition from only a small group of people listening and giving me feedback for so long, to suddenly have it available to everyone! It still feels surreal to see my songs on Spotify playlists, read comments on youtube, and have people reach out to me telling me how they connected with it. I can't wait for more, keep ya eyes and ears peeled!

M.D: What would be your dream modelling job?

M.W: Walking in the Savage Fenty show with so many incredible women would be an absolute dream.

M.D: If you could change one thing about the modelling industry what would it be and why?

M.W: Take away its seriousness.

M.D: What is your favourite thing about modelling?

M.W: Being part of a team where people's creativity comes to life and creating art together is something I really enjoy and value. I love being able to become a character. My favourite shoots are always the ones where I’ve had the craziest makeup or worn amazing vintage clothes and shot with photographers who want to create something special.

M.D: And we can’t end an interview without asking what your favourite F Word is? Let’s

see if it’s changed!

M.W: Fearless! It may be cliche, but feel the fear and do it anyway is always my mantra. Also, Taylor just re released her version of the 2008 album which I have had on repeat ever since... felt fitting.

Maddi wears jumper THE ROW


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