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Super fun Brazilian footwear and accessory brand Melissa announce collaboration with quirky, cool London-based label Lazy Oaf.

The amply loved jelly shoe was first established in Brazil, 1979 but were originally a massive hit in the 1990’s. The jelly shoe incorporates style and comfort in the most amusing way, creating a sense of nostalgia that resonates with people of all ages.

The brand Melissa has gained worldwide recognition for its use of sustainably-produced, recyclable plastic and has collaborated with some serious innovators from the realms of fashion, art and architecture. Lazy Oaf has always been a design based brand that has a love of youth subculture, streetwear and originality; making this the perfect pairing for such a collaboration.

Appearing in black, green, pink and blue, the sandals draw inspiration from that same nineties era for this special collection. Made from 100% recycled plastic, Lazy Oaf has integrated bold daisies and their signature heart badges across the adjustable jelly bands of Melissa’s exemplary Kick Off silhouette; a fun chunky sole style.

In addition to the sandals, the collection includes three chic mini Melissa x Lazy Oaf jelly bags in pink, green and black to match the sandals for the ultimate spring/summer look.

The 8-piece jelly collection is available online, just in time for a much desired spring!


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