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NAME, AGE, LOCKDOWN LOCATION: Ava Coffen, 26 and Hoxton, London

LOCKDOWN 2.0 FEELS LIKE... Lockdown 2.0 feels like I've watched the same horror movie too many times, and it does scare me like it did the first time.

A DAY IN LOCKDOWN LOOKS LIKE... Honestly, I've been the busiest I've been all year in years, between modelling, styling shoots, scouting models and working a few days in a shop, I'm go go go 8 days a week.

MOST TIME SPENT DOING... Mentally mood-boarding visually and emotionally. I try to walk most places as another form of exercise… I spend the majority of my time walking, which is when I do most of my thinking and planning. I talk to loved ones back in Australia. I also spent a lot of time in online antique auctions.

THOUGHTS ABOUT THIS TIME RIGHT NOW... AND A HOPEFUL STATEMENT FOR THE FUTURE... Wow, what an existential question, not to sound like a yogi cult guru, but I do have this weird spiritual feeling of an energetic collective shift happening. I feel like society is at a big fork in the road, and we have a few paths we, as a collective could choose. As a modern world most of us use social media platforms (whether we actually like it or not), this influences our knowledge of information, the way we view each other and express concern, care, love and empathy. To put it simply, I believe humans need to de-evolution (like the great band Devo would say) So technologically connected. Still, in person there's a 'technical difficulty' it doesn't seem organic, or it looks shadowed because it's not gratifying enough for people, the small things. Sometimes I feel like the essence of true friendship is dying, we rely so heavily on distractions and have an 'each for their own' mentality to make us feel satisfied. We have forgotten what it's like to give ourselves selflessly, unconditional love. Its times like this when I get nostalgic about random sleepovers with friends at 13/14. No alcohol, no drugs just pure fun, joy, love and friendship… a simpler time. (Sorry for word vomit but you asked).

We are going through a time which will probably be recognised as one of the most critical moments in history, Utilise this time and start creating a positive pathway now for the future. If you have ever wanted to do something now's the time… I grabbed this opportunity by growing out my fringe which I've had for the last 15 years, amongst many other things.

LOCKDOWN NOSTALGIA... I was that person at the party who always had a camera, either film and digital. Pre pandemic I archived my photographs into physical and digital photo albums. So when I get homesick, I dig deep into the thousands upon thousands of images. I often don't share them publicly. I have SO much dirt on my mates. Other than that, weird childhood memories keep popping into my head that I haven't thought about in YEARS, If ever.

AFTER LOCKDOWN YOU'RE LOOKING FORWARD TO... Live music, fashion week, international travel, antiquing and charity shopping

A CONSTANT LOCKDOWN FEELING... As the Beatles would say, "She so……….HEAVYYYYYYYYYYY".

LAST THING YOU READ IN LOCKDOWN... A family members manuscript.

YOUR ULTIMATE SUPPORT BUBBLE... Well, I moved from Australia back in Feb (what a tip-top time to move), so I didn't have a stable network yet. But I'm lucky for the great friends I've made, and the friendships I've developed since being here. Everyone is super supportive. I can't forget my mum, dad and turtle diddly all the way back in Australia. I call my family most mornings.

ONE UPSIDE OF LOCKDOWN... Time to think and knuckle down creatively, collaborate with artists, designers and creatives who I genuinely admire and have wanted to work with. I grabbed a bull's balls and said "fuck it" what have I got to lose by reaching out and networking with randoms and people who I creatively admire. People on my wavelength who like creating together! It actually worked.

LOCKDOWN AS A SONG TITLE... Dame Shirley Basses - My Life (she's very uplifting).

LAST SONG PLAYING... Black Eyed Bruiser - Stevie Wright

PANDEMIC TAUGHT ME... That I was fortunate to grow up in a country with nature and space to live. I miss having a backyard.

Also, culture and community is truly the most essential factor in what makes the world go round. Without it, it's all suits and ties - creams, beiges and Karens driving range rovers.

YOU HAVE OUR FULL ATTENTION...SOMETHING YOU JUST REALLY WANT TO SAY... This is such a comfortable position to shamelessly self-plug, but I feel like I also want to give back and be more of an active member within all different creative communities. I'd like to hope this space brings me closer to like-minded creatives and artists that vibe with my vibe, and become inspired by what I have to say. To connect, discuss and, produce impactful work together. Sometimes you gotta just put it out there you know.

LOCKDOWN F-WORD... Fiddlesticks Mcgee.




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