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New Jersey-born singer-songwriter Cari FLETCHER a.k.a FLETCHER is the epitome of contemporary pop and with a voice that hypnotizes and lyrics that take you all the way back into your own diary, she is one of the music powerhouses of the Twenty-First Century. Her music is authentic and relatable through and through and causes her audience across the world to go absolutely wild for and with her.

With over four million monthly listens on Spotify and an army of passionate fans, it is no surprise that Cari is one beautiful and powerful loud voice among the many voices in the world. Her charisma and unique personality make her electrifying both on and out stage while being outspoken about what goes on around the globe and her support to the LGBTQ+ community. With the release of her laters EP ', You Ruined New York City for Me' FLETCHER introduces us to more outstanding musical creations bringing together emotional tracks and energizing beats that can put you straight in the right mood no matter how gloomy the day is.

Amid her recent European Tour, we had the pleasure of meeting up with FLETCHER just before her performance in London to find out what it is like to be her and what most excites her when it comes to music and performing.

Amy MacKenzie: We saw your show at The Garage, how did you find the London audience?

FLETCHER: The audience was so ROWDY and I loved every second of it. I’ve dreamt my whole entire life of playing a show in London and I couldn’t think of a better crowd than I had that night. I still think about it all the time. I just felt so much love in that room and I will never forget the feeling of that energy for as long as I live.

Amy MacKenzie: Did you get to explore London? Any favorite things?

FLETCHER: The crappy part about the tour is that I’m in and out of cities so quickly that I don’t really get the opportunity to explore all that much. My favorite thing about being there is the accents though, I could literally sit and listen to anyone with an English accent tell me stories for hours. I’ve always wanted one and might just move to London in hopes of developing one.

Amy MacKenzie: I found it interesting how many people threw their underwear at you during the show; is this a new thing for you?

FLETCHER: [Laughs] It is a new thing for me. It all started at a show of mine a couple months ago in New York City when my best friend threw a bra at me, and then every single show I’ve played since then people throw bras and underwear at me and write funny pick up lines or stick notes in the padding. It’s really funny and makes me feel like a rockstar.

Amy MacKenzie: You have just finished your first European tour; how was it? Was it what you expected it would be?

FLETCHER: It’s everything and more than I ever expected it to be, honestly. It was my first time playing any shows in Europe and I cannot believe how incredible everyone was. I can’t describe the feeling of going to a new country where English isn’t the first language and seeing/hearing an entire room of people singing every single word that I've written back to me. It blew my mind.

Amy MacKenzie: Which was your favourite city to perform in and why?

FLETCHER: It’s so hard for me to pick a favorite because each city is just so different from one another, they all have different energy and no show ever feels the same. London was up there for me, but Amsterdam was by far one of the loudest audiences I’ve ever played to. They were so crazy and were literally banging their fists on the stage and their feet on the ground and were making the whole place rumble. I loved every second of it.

Amy MacKenzie: Any funny stories you can share from tours that you’ve been on?

FLETCHER: I mean there’s always funny stuff happening. I’m a bit of a hot mess all the time. I ripped a lot of my pants while I was on tour, for some reason they all tear right up the butt crack? I lost my wallet in Amsterdam so that was fun. In Paris, everyone literally threw CROISSANTS at me and one almost hit me in the face. My drummer ate them backstage after the show. I coincidentally sat next to a really sweet girl on my train from Paris to London and she happened to be a huge fan and she airdropped me photos and a letter to my iPhone. [Laughs]

Amy MacKenzie: What is your favourite song to perform live?

FLETCHER: I love to perform Undrunk because of how crazy it is to hear everyone singing the words back to me, but "If You’re Gonna Lie", which I open the show with goes off. And then I love doing “All Love” because I get super emotional every time. All the songs mean something so different to me so it’s so hard to say. They are representing different emotions I experienced throughout a really shitty breakup. But those are my tops for sure.

Amy MacKenzie: I went to see Julia Michaels at O2 Shepherds Bush Empire and you came out on stage to sing 'Undrunk' with her. How do you know her?

FLETCHER: I’ve been a fan of Julia for a long time. She’s one of my favorite writers ever and also such an amazing artist and just a genuine down to earth human being. It was crazy to be on stage to sing "Undrunk" with her.

Amy MacKenzie: Do you have plans to come back to the UK and do a bigger tour?

FLETCHER: DUH, I’m always going to come back to the UK. I’ll definitely be back in 2020, stay tuned.

Amy MacKenzie: What's next?

FLETCHER: I’m finishing up my album right now, more touring and visiting new parts of the world. Lots of being on the road and meeting people from all over and I couldn’t be more excited about it. So much new music that I cannot fucking wait to share.

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