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F Word teams up with London College of Fashion's Hair and Makeup Class of 2021.

The students came together in person to collaborate on an autobiographical story after navigating a challenging final year virtually. “There was a lot of DIY, 3D makeup, homemade recipes and repurposing products,” tutor Meena Bhella reflected on the year. “After the first couple of online sessions, one of the students posted their finished look on Instagram, I got really emotional seeing it - in a good way. When you're behind a screen, it's hard to read the session or their reactions or if they are connecting with the task, so any anxiety I had about online delivery had calmed down and gave me more hope and self-belief that something was working.”

"Something I would say to myself moving forward is fuck what anyone else has to say about you, keep your grind going and go get that coin, sis!"

In this Class of 2021 school portrait-themed yearbook, F Word celebrates each student who participated by presenting exaggerated editorial versions of themselves. Given the Hair and Makeup course’s emphasis on fashion, our team challenged the students to set and achieve a high standard with a focus on a well-conceived idea and a strong point of view.

"I need to believe in myself and have confidence in my skills, and I know I will find a place for all my colours."

Several students spoke to us about who and what inspires them most. Student Mae Brogan cited references including artists such as Pat McGrath, Pierre La Roche, and Miles Aldridge. Others referenced film, TV, music, and theater. “Anything with drama and glamour, I feel, really aligns well with the work I like to create,” Eden Lily Ward told us. Mathilde Møller found inspiration closer to home. “My mother has always been my biggest source of inspiration. She is incredibly creative and […] had a dream about going to LCF to study, but was unable to, and as a result, I feel I am living the dream for the both of us,” she said.

"My encouragement would be, believe in yourself, you can do it and do it well!"

Makeup by Annalise Durrant

For this F Word assignment, students had the opportunity to work as creative directors, some in pairs and some on their own, designing the hair and makeup looks, developing styling ideas, and the overall vision as they created and executed unique school characters for themselves. The students met the F Word team over two Zoom calls, first to receive their briefs as they would in an industry setting, and then to consult on their mood boards and references. The result was a cast of characters reminiscent of LCF’s very own Clueless and Euphoria rolled into one; preppy, goth, grungy, free-spirited and straight out of the ‘70s.

"Don't be afraid to take risks - be it personal or professional. I have to remind myself that the best things I have ever done have been as a result of taking a leap of faith!"

Makeup by Eden Lily Ward

As the final year ended, the students tracked their creative evolution, noting a spirit of collaboration and growing confidence. Erinn Cahill offered advice to incoming students. “Throw yourself into everything. Say yes to it all as you don't know what that opportunity will lead to. You never know, that photographer could be the next Tim Walker or Rankin or […] that student filmmaker could be the next big producer or director in 10 years' time, so your network snowballs!”

"I wanna rule the makeup industry! And be the next Pierre Laroche."

Meena remarked on the students’ growth and development from her perspective as their tutor. “What I do notice are their personal habits. All the things you would expect: heavy handed makeup, nails, lashes, all influenced by the usual suspects of Instagram and YouTube. But as they get to the end of their first year and start the second, you notice a difference in them, in their skills, the work they produce, the things they are looking at and inspired by. That creative shift is very apparent, even the way they dress and present themselves and the confidence to take on work opportunities from, 'I can't do that' to 'I got this.' I feel like that's when my work is done, and then it's about them navigating their own path.”

"[I want] to be happy, healthy and to share my successes with my loved ones (get that money)." Makeup by Mae Brogan

Cheers to all that these students have achieved. We look forward to seeing what the future has in store for them. Congratulations to this hard-working and supremely talented graduating class of 2021!

"[I want to] be the next Val Garland, to be the best version of myself and spread love and positivity."

Makeup by Erinn Cahill


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