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words Filipe Phitzgerard - images courtesy of Lacoste

Iconic French house Lacoste is reissuing three of its original designs for the tennis courts. For the first time, the widely recognised for its technical qualities footwear is being released with a contemporary and fresh update. The capsule collection is formed by the René, G80, and V-Ultra designs which came directly from Lacoste's extensive archives. The three designs are unisex and encapsulate elegance and sophistication on the tennis court in sneaker form. The reissued designs are a reflection of a style and an era which have seen Lacoste's great influence moving from the courts to the everyday consumer's wardrobe. The René style pays tribute to the first tennis shoe created by Lacoste's co-founder, René Lacoste, in 1963, the G80 style embodies the eighties spirit while the more futuristic outline of the V-Ultra unmistakably recalls the beginning of the 2000s.

Lacoste has become worldly known for its sleek and beautiful design aesthetic which is synonym to elegance, sophistication, and durability. The clean lines that have defined Lacoste's designs have become a signature aesthetic and are seen elegantly displayed throughout the Heritage collection.

The RENÉ; is a visionary, innovator and trailblazer, René Lacoste was not in any way, shape or form afraid to revolutionise sporting elegance by creating not only the iconic polo shirt - which he became recognised for - but also the first shoe created specifically for playing tennis. This design symbolises Mr Lacoste's innovating and untamable spirit, the René opts for a simple construction with pure lines. Chic and pointed, it has a cotton oxford upper with a chevron weave and a white vulcanised sole marked with a contrasting crocodile on the heel of the shoe. It comes in navy blue, green, red or white for purists seeking authentic fashion.

The G80; was designed back in 1987 for professional tennis players and is an essential tennis court classic redesigned for everyday wear. True to the original model, it has retained a vintage woven LACOSTE TENNIS label on its tongue, an inner sole with an all-over “L” print, the green crocodile logo on its quarter and a “hard court” marking on a tag recalling the surface for which it was intended. The only improvement made to the original is the tread of its sole which guarantees optimum grip whatever the surface. The G80 exists in five colours: navy blue, green, pink, white with red edging or plain white.

The V-ULTRA; is a reissue of a model which came out in 2000, the V-Ultra has an imposing sole which benefits from a technology enabling improved foot support. Available in white leather with green, navy blue or red coloured details recalled on its sole, this retro-style sneaker with a sporty look is fully in line with current aesthetics. The iconic embroidered green crocodile decorates its quarter, the word LACOSTE is marked on its heel and the perforations subtly recall the grip of a tennis racket.

The Heritage Collection is now available in selected sneakers stores, Hanon-shop and


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