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London-based singer-songwriter Mae Muller is one of the emerging female artists to watch out closely this year. Her music combines great heartfelt lyrics and a soulful voice that will just make you feel right about things. We caught up with the young artist to find our more about her creative upbringing, her EP 'After Hours' and more.

Sophie Emmett: Hi Mae; How is your week so far? Mae Muller: Hey! My week has been good! I finished my next single and I've just been preparing for LA, which I'm so excited for.

S.E: That's really exciting. Congratulations on the publishing deal, by the way. How did this opportunity come about? M.M: Yes. It's very exciting! We had a few people reach out, and Downtown Publishing was one of them. Their team has so much enthusiasm and you can tell they actually care, which is obviously very important for me. It has to feel like family.

S.E: You’ve released your brilliant EP 'After Hours' which I imagine was exciting to work on and release, however, you’ve also shared some issues that occurred with Spotify. So I wanted to ask, how has the overall experience of releasing an EP been? Are there some high and low moments involved in the process? M.M: The overall feeling has been amazing I just feel so happy and blessed that I'm able to share my music with the world, and the feedback has been overwhelming. A couple of Bitter Barry's tried to make it difficult for me to prosper but they did not succeed.

S.E: You go, girl! So, if you had to describe yourself in one word, what would that be? M.M: Hungry.

S.E: I can relate to that. I can also personally really relate to your song Jenny, I love how honest it is. Actually, I feel like ‘After Hours’ is a collection of empowering anthems about not getting blind-sided by games and #fuckboys; as the artist behind it, how would you describe the EP? M.M: I would describe my EP as just a soundtrack to feeling good, whether you're in love, or getting over a boy, or just not caring what anybody thinks. It makes me so happy that girls use it to feel better about themselves or situations they find themselves in, it's such a crazy feeling!

S.E: ‘Where, what, and when’ did you decide that you were a singer/songwriter? M.M: I've always wanted to create music since I can remember, but I decided I was going to really take it seriously around a year ago. I was on the train coming back from visiting my dad in Cornwall, and I basically just had a mini-epiphany.

S.E: Can you share a memorable or funny moment from your childhood? M.M: Before school, I would go swimming in the ponds with my mum on the Heath. Sometimes she would let me be late so we could get breakfast afterwards. Looking back that was quite naughty of her, but I'll remember it forever.

S.E: How were you originally discovered? M.M: I was discovered by my manager on Instagram. I had uploaded a clip of me singing and she just messaged me, and it went on from there.

S.E: Can you describe your writing ritual to us? M.M: I always write slightly differently depending on who I'm with. I usually just start singing a melody and whatever mood I'm in I'll just start singing different lyrics and then whatever sticks, I'll mold off of that.

S.E: You’ve worked with producer Two Inch Punch on both your songs, 'Jenny' and 'Hoodie', which are both hits. How did this collaboration come about? M.M: My manager has been friends with Two Inch for a while, and played him a couple of my demo's. It took a while to get a session with him but once we did, we knew it was going to be great and we've been working together ever since!

S.E: 'BBA' is such a great song for woman empowerment, “I am just the Female you” as even in 2018 there are still double standards among women and men. What is your hope for the next generation of women? M.M: I want this and the next generation of women to feel like they can express themselves freely without being judged, in whatever way they want. I feel like there's more pressure on women to act a certain way when really we should all just be able to do what makes us happy. Enough of these double standards, it's 2018!


S.E: Lots of female musicians have spoken up about being in such a male-driven industry; what is your personal response to this? M.M: In my own experience I have seen that the music industry is still heavily dominated by men. Every single meeting I go to, it's a room full of men. I've been making music for over a year now, and I have never had a session with a female producer, ever. And I just find it crazy, there are so many talented women out there, and I feel like they aren't being given the same opportunities.

S.E: What would be your Ultimate Girl Power song? M.M: BBHMM by Rihanna. She is my all-time favorite, I love her!

S.E: A woman who inspires you? M.M: My mum. I know it's such a cliché but she is honestly Wonder Woman. She works 15 hour days and always comes home and is cracking jokes, never complaining. I've promised her I'll buy her a caravan, that's one thing she really wants, so I'm trying.

S.E: What are your summer plans? M.M: I'm not too sure yet, I would love to do a mini-tour, my manager and I are talking about it. Maybe a beach holiday but I'm kind of hoping I'll be too busy to have time off.

S.E: You keep it real on Instagram, make up free and honest with your interaction; why is that important to you, to be your true authentic self? M.M: I used to spend so much time comparing myself to other girls on Instagram, and it really affected my self-esteem, and I would never want to make another girl go through that same feeling. Of course, everyone wants to show their best side online but I think it's important to show your other sides too, and what I post on my page is only one version of myself. It's okay to not have perfect skin, you don't need to have the fullest lips, it's okay to have bags under your eyes. Imperfections are what make you an individual and that's not a bad thing.

S.E: You're so right. What does a perfect day in London consist of for you? M.M: If it's sunny, I would say to spend the day on Hampstead Heath, a bottle of Prosecco, plenty of snacks. Snacks are vital in every situation, to be honest.


S.E: What is the number one place you would love to perform in? M.M: Definitely New York.

S.E: A festival you would love to headline at? M.M: Coachella and Glastonbury (obviously).

S.E: Favorite fashion brand? M.M: When I'm feeling boujie (which isn't very often, unfortunately) I'd say Gucci. I'm not too good with brands, I love vintage shopping. There's one in Portobello Market which is so good, I always find treasures in there.

S.E: Favorite F-word? M.M: Flapjack.

Photography: Joseph Reddy

Fashion: Aisha Jimoh Makeup: Paige Whiting Hair: Shamirah Sairally Fashion Assistant: Kilina Peltereau

Mae wears dress CON ARTISTS; boots MANGO



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