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INTRODUCING COLDABANK words and fashion Sophie Emmett - photography Joe Magowan

Joachim, a.k.a Coldabank, is the Bristol-born, London-based artist, DJ, and producer who began his DJ career by touring with the one and only Labrinth, playing in some of the biggest clubs, venues, and festivals around the globe. Coldabank's sound is high-energy and pop-infused, yet, the young talent manages to involve great crowds with his music and with a debut single - "Lovin' You" - reaching over 5 million streams worldwide, it is no surprise that Coldabank is an artist to check-out and follow closely.

Coldabank’s sets have become well-known for their energy and versatility with all the best you can hope for from catchy club hooks to big chant-along moments and sun-soaked vibes. Coldabank has had incredible exposure on MTV Dance and has also appeared on TV hit shows such as Love Island, Big Brother, and Hollyoaks while still being on point and creating smashing remixes of Rudimental, Clean Bandit and Charli XCX, among others.

After the release of his latest single "Los Angeles", we had the pleasure of catching up with Coldabank to find out more about his creative beginnings, creative processes, and much more.

Sophie Emmett: Hey Joachim; how are you doing today? How was your weekend? Coldabank: Great, thanks! It was pretty good. I DJ’ed on Friday, then had two birthday parties on Saturday. I ended up at XOYO for Detroit Swindle which was good sweaty fun.

S.E: That sounds like fun. So, "COLDABANK". What a great stage name! How did this come about? Coldabank: Glad you think so. It’s the name of the house in Yorkshire that my dad grew up in. So it’s kind of like my version of Skyfall. [laughs]

Coldabank wears jacket AMERICAN APPAREL; t-shirt and trousers talent's own; sneakers NIKE

S.E: You had the debut of your first single 'Lovin’ You' last year, but when did you decide that you wanted to be a musician? Coldabank: I started drumming at the age of 13 years old and that really got me hooked and as soon as I was introduced to music I was drawn into it. By the end of school, it was all I was really interested in.

S.E: Your newest single 'Los Angeles', which you self-described as "a personal experience of being in a relationship whilst on tour". Do you find your own life experiences easy to share through your music, or do you find it a daunting experience laying it bare through the lyrics? Coldabank: At first it was scary, but now I kind of love it. It’s very therapeutic, and sometimes I actually learn more about my feelings through songwriting. I’m not the most in touch with why I feel the way I do sometimes, and music really helps with that. Also, you can be cryptic and poetic with things if you feel too exposed so that’s a way to keep your guard up a little.

S.E: Love seems to be a big influence on your music. Would you say that you’re a romantic? Coldabank: I think I’m probably too cynical to be labelled a romantic, to be honest. Love is fascinating to write about though, it’s this mystical thing which nobody really has figured out and ultimately it drives humanity forward.

S.E: Where do you feel most inspired? Coldabank: Most of my writing is from my own experiences but sometimes it’s fun to write about a situation or from a perspective which isn’t my own. I mostly get inspired late at night, especially if I’m in the studio alone, whilst the world is asleep kind of vibe.

S.E: If you could do a duet with any other musician who would it be and why? Coldabank: That’s such a tough one. I’ll go with Frank Ocean today because his voice is so magical and he makes a lot of brave decisions artistically.

S.E: Your sound is very involving and melodic, with dance-infused pop. What music did you listen to growing up that you believe influenced your sound? Coldabank: So much stuff influenced me and still do even if it isn’t obvious in my music. Radiohead was probably my biggest influence growing up, but dance-wise I loved Bassment Jaxx, Groove Armada & Fatboy Slim.

Coldabank wears t-shirt RAINBOUU; trousers talent's own; jacket and sneakers PUMA

S.E: I have 'Los Angeles' on repeat, but what do you currently have on repeat? Coldabank: Charlie Brown by Rejjie Snow is one of my most played songs this year. I can’t get enough!

S.E: Although you’re London based, you talk in your latest song 'Los Angeles' of your travelling and tour life. Which one of your trips has been the wildest one? Coldabank: I’ve had some mad times all over, but I think Ibiza is always the wildest. I once flew in and out in under 24 hours with no sleep and went to three clubs. That was an epic one.

S.E: As well as writing and producing your own music, you DJ. What’s the secret to getting everyone on the dance-floor? Coldabank: It depends on the crowd obviously, but my friend Storm who is a sick DJ once told me that if you get the girls going, the rest will follow and I think there’s a truth to that.

S.E: Is there a particular venue or city in which you wish to perform at? Coldabank: Madison Square Garden and Glastonbury

S.E: What would you say has been your biggest career highlight so far? Coldabank: I think that hearing my music on the radio is always great. When 'Lovin’ You' was on Radio1 Dance Anthems it felt amazing, especially because I’ve grown up listening to that show every Friday.

Coldabank wears jacket WOOD WOOD

S.E: Where is your favourite London hangout spot? Coldabank: Definitely Shoreditch House

S.E: Best coffee in London? Coldabank: My new local Shed does a great flat white, or Prufrock on Leather Lane.

S.E: What can we expect from you come 2019? Coldabank: More music obviously, some really exciting collaborations and a live show!

S.E: Last but not least, what is your favourite f-word? Coldabank: Fàbregas

You can follow COLDABANK on Instagram

Coldabank wears t-shirt WEEKDAY; trousers PREVU; jacket WOOD WOOD


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