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INKD; TRANSFORMING THE MUNDANE INTO ART words Filipe Phitzgerard - images courtesty of INKD

INKD is the brand known for taking your favorite spirits and turning them into collectibles. Considered more than just your usual spirit store; INKD comes with a brilliant and unique twist to the spirit industry as it offers an outstanding and fresh solution for creating bespoke bottle designs that see the mundane becoming works of art. With an extensive portfolio of successful collaborations within the fashion and entertainment industry, INKD has become the go-to label when it comes to creativity, uniqueness, and high-quality design aesthetic. Their fashion collaborations have included some major names such as limited-edition designs for Palace - one of their most successful collabs which saw the bespoke bottles selling out faster than you could keep track of - Moschino, Starboy, Donna Adi, Vivienne Westwood, and the most recent endeavor with Fiorucci.

Besides being heavily involved in the fashion and entertainment industries, INKD brings all their knowhow and creativity into a more commercial sphere where their day-to-day consumer is able to see their favorite spirits becoming a unique collectible. INKD has been always a few steps ahead of the usual personalization offerings in the market provided by other online spirit retailers, as it has the ability to print a full wrap around a bottle to create a design as exciting and unique as its consumer, available with no minimum order quantities.

INKD is the online platform crafted around the needs of the new generation of consumers, those who are standing for individuality, high creativity, and attitude while constantly seeking the next experience to talk about. In light of their commitment to their consumers, INKD has just launched a new initiative to bring their best into our lives as they launch a pop-up store in the heart of Soho where they can create your very own one-of-a-kind bottle, customized by you, from their range of luxury spirits. The pop-up store is located at 118-120 Wardour Street, address formerly known for homing the iconic Wardour News magazine store and it runs until December 21st. INKD offers luxury spirts including Haig Club, CÎROC Vodka, Johnnie Walker, Don Julio 1942, Casamigos, Tanqueray, Copper Dog, and Bulleit Bourbon all there for you to choose from while having your personalized message printed onto the bottle design.

This season's invitation is to turn your top spirit shelf into an art gallery, as you can choose from previous partners’ limited-edition designs including Palace, Moschino, Starboy, Donna Adi, Vivienne Westwood, and the recently launched Fiorucci, or make your very own bespoke bottle. INKD is providing the consumer with a more distinctive approach to gifting so why not pop by at their pop-up store and get yourself, and your friends, a personalized bottle of your favorite spirit? We can assure you this will make your gift even more meaningful and special.

For more information on INKD or the Pop-up store visit


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