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GENTLE FENDI EYEWEAR CAPSULE words Hugo Fernandes - images courtesy of Gentle Monster

Italian fashion house FENDI has teamed up with Korean sunglasses and optical glasses brand, Gentle Monster to create a unique and super exciting capsule collection of sunglasses that are sleek and full of attitude. The capsule is composed of two unisex styles that see both worlds colliding in perfect artistry and harmony. The outcome is the combination of FENDI's DNA with the Gentle Monster design aesthetic creating a mixture of innovation, fashionability, and perfect craftsmanship.

Titled 'GENTLE FENDI' this is a collection created for the fashion-forward consumer who is used to stepping outside the rules when it comes to styling. Eyewear is an important part of the contemporary wardrobe not only in order to protect our eyes from the harsh sun rays but to elevate and complement the day-to-day wardrobe. GENTLE FENDI NO.1 is a hyper-fashion metal and acetate design frame that creates a very current trend of small shapes and bold logos seen over and over again at the runways across the glove; when it comes to GENTLE FENDI NO.2 we see a metal style that combines a strong fashion attitude with an easy-to-wear look or a sense of boldness without trying too hard.

The GENTLE FENDI Capsule is followed by an extra innovative and disruptive video-art directed by collective Russian artists AES+F; they have become known for combining multiple forms of tools, including sculptures, photography, architecture, and media technology into their work. The videos created for this out-of-this-world capsule perfectly combine fashion and art while exploring the contrast of an ancient feeling with a futuristic aesthetic. Magical-like creatures set the tone as the models are "projected in a surreal atmosphere" where they interact with odd "alienlike geometrical structures" in a world where ancient meets the future beyond.

In addition to the video, a GENTLE FENDI Caffè will take center stage in Seoul from May 7th until the end of July. Visitors will be able to taste a customized GENTLE FENDI original Steccolecco gelato bars and other custom desserts and beverages while an interactive installation called ‘The Observer’ will land in front of the Gentle Monster flagship store in Beijing. Starting from May 7 until June 1, a live performance will be activated from ‘The Observer’ by live performers. They will hand-out custom made ice-creams to the purchasing customers of the GENTLE FENDI sunglasses or to all visitors posting on socials with the official project hashtags.

And if you thought that wasn't enough, FENDI and Gentle Monster have created two gorgeous sticker characters named Gennie and Fennie, both wearing the GENTLE FENDI sunglasses and they will be used on Gentle Monster KakaoTalk official account and as animated GIFs on FENDI’s social media platforms. The GENTLE FENDI Capsule collection will be available online and in stores from May 7th. Find out more on and


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