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AN OBJECTIVE LOOK AT FILA'S HERITAGE COLLECTION words Filipe Macedo - images Matteo Montanari for FILA

Iconic Italian-born sportswear label FILA has unveiled its latest collection for their Autumn/Winter 2019 Heritage drop via a bright and stunning lookbook featuring the newest pieces for both their men’s and women’s styles. The global brand is one of the most recognizable names in the fashion industry heavily covering markets from the United States, the United Kingdom and across Europe. This season is all about exploring and enjoying the bold and bright choices from new textures and silhouettes to materials and a vibrant colorway giving special attention to the highlighted features seen throughout in an exciting and fresh perspective.

Autumn/Winter'19 sees an array of unexpected twists that have undoubtedly elevated the whole collection to a whole new sphere by making new combinations of styling possible through the exploration of new textures and materials. From the signature jersey tracksuits and hoodies to the flea fur jackets FILA plays with a new range of silhouettes without compromising its heritage and high-quality fabrication. And it is not just the silhouettes that caught our attention but the variety of styles and colors seen this time around. Something exciting is definitely happening at FILA!

FILA’s A/W19 collection presents something quite interesting and exciting if you look at it from a consumer point of view. Taking into account the consumer's behavior - especially the younger consumer - which has changed dramatically in the past ten and five years you can feel an air of reinvention in the air and this is seen throughout the way FILA has composed this collection. Just a few years ago you would look at a sportswear brand and kind of know what to expect. You knew what type of pieces and combinations you would get from them as they used to play to their strength in the marketplace, and in all fairness, that's how the business seemed to go. FILA, for some time, felt like playing safe, yet the consumer and the way they think has changed, it has evolved from "buying clothes to make up a style fed to me" into "buying pieces to create and compose my own personal style."

Don't get me wrong, FILA has always had cool and fashionable pieces to offer, however, this time around, it feels like something has changed within the brand and whatever the change is, is feeding into a new world of possibilities. The consumer has the chance to wear FILA head to toe and still look cool enough without becoming obvious or mix and match the FILA pieces with whatever they have in their wardrobe. This season is more fluid and relaxed when it comes to the styling possibilities. It doesn't feel stiff and forced but care-free and exciting. When it comes to the texture this season is formed by a combination of chenille, mesh, and textured velour offer an elevated look and feel. Looking through this latest drop some of the pieces that have caught our attention are the multicolored puffa jackets, the women's contrasting hoodie and long-length dress (stunning), the flea fur jacket, the men's fleece tracksuit in baby blue and off-white which is a brilliant contrast and the monogram tracksuit another great execution of a two-piece.

This season showcases a seamless yet perfect combination of the classic and the newest ideas. When you look at the men's collection you will find t-shirts, hoodies, crewnecks, shorts, pants, and tracksuits. All in good taste and exciting new colorways and materials. On the women’s side; Crop crewnecks, bodysuits, tracksuits, dresses, and a range of utility-inspired designs. A/W19 also sees some highlight pieces like the flea fur jacket, contrast overalls and a selection of coats, from parkas to puffers to windbreakers. These are particularly interesting.

Bold color block sequences, striping, and oversized pockets have become really interesting and relevant features throughout the collection and accompany the FILA logo treatments. FILA’s iconic red, white and navy palette is prominently featured throughout the collection, while black, gold tones, and pastel pop also decorate a selection of styles. The latest lookbook also highlights a range of upcoming FILA footwear styles, with colorways and decorative elements that complement the apparel collection.

Select Autumn/Winter 2019 styles are available at and select retailers.


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