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F Word has you covered with a list of vegan and cruelty-free skincare products that's sure to leave you feeling ready to face winter (hydrated-)head first!


Taking you from those extremes of summer to winter, the award-winning formular from Sachi is here to aid with

hyperpigmentation, sun damage and dark spots. Not to mention there are heaps more benefits; this standout serum has the power of the Ayurvedic superfruit Triphala to balance and regulate melanin levels, whilst Microalgae actives work to reduce dark spots and even tone, without changing the colour of the skin.

Founder of Sachi Skin, Farah Bashir states, “The Triphala Pigmentation Corrector was the first product I created. Vitamin C had always been an essential part of my routine. But, when it came to tackling hyperpigmentation, I found that its approach was limited. Vitamin C was unable to address the multiple causes of hyperpigmentation when used alone. As a woman of colour, I wanted a fast and effective solution for the more stubborn pigmentation that affected my skin.”

Brightening skin tone, improving texture, reducing roughness, providing antioxidant and anti-glycation defence, and winning the ‘Best Pigmentation Product’ at the 2023 Get the Gloss Beauty Awards - is there anything this unique syrum can't do?

For healthy, blanced skin try the Triphala Pigmentation Corrector available to buy at

RRP: £74


I don't know about you but the one place I will be hanging out the most this winter is the bath tub; it's relaxing, it's theraputic, it's warm! Something I've always struggled with when bathing in bath oils is the greasy residue it can leave on your body (and the bath tub!) but with OLVERUM, it's residue-free and has you feeling revived.

This clever concoction also works on tired muscles, relaxes both the mind and body, and opens up stuffy airways. The luscious scent contains a special blend of ten essential oils: Eucalyptus, Lavendar, Juniper, Lavandin, Lemon Peel, Siberian Fir Needle, Exotic Verbena, Lime, Geranium and Rosemary (and lingers delightfulliy in the bathroom hours later).

Avaliable to buy at

RRP £43.50


With the winter months in full swing it couldn't be more imprtant to get that skin soothed and supported through those colder nights and SOS Night is there to help you regain halthy skin at a great price.

Packed full of the essentias, the SOS is a concoction of Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, Red Algae Sea Moss from the Icelandic Coast Area, and Cranberry. I've sometimes found night creams to feel too, well, creamy. SOS is light and absorbent, leaving you to hit the pillow with peace.

Avaliable to buy at

RRP £5.50


If there's one part of me that the cold weather goes to town on the most, it would have to be my lips - chapped, cracked, dry... you know the drill. I have always struggled to find something that is hydrating and looks good, until I discovered Glow For It Lip Oils. The nourishing oils come in three scents (watermelon, peach and original), and they feel super soft when applying. Best of all? They're non-sticky! We can't be having hair stuck to our lips through all this windy weather, can we? They also look great over lipstick and as recently dicovered, eyeshadow for a glowy lid.

Link to buy on Beauty Bay:

RRP: £12.99


Grace and Stella provide playful packaging and brilliant products at an affordable price.

All products listed below are available in buy here.

Under Eye Masks

With the festive period under way, I've been met with a lot of later nights and flowing drinks, and what's feeling it the most is the delicate skin under my eyes. Slap a couple of Under Eye Masks from Grace & Stella and you're ready to go (just rembeber to take them off before you leave!) I can't get enough of these powerful patches and with a the tag line that states, 'It's like an energy drink for your eyes", they couldn't be more right.

Grace&Stella Eye Masks come in blue ‘cooling & anti-inflammatory’, gold ‘an energy drink for your eyes’ and pink ‘collagen boosting and brightening’. RRP: £14.99

Rose Water Facial Spray (240ml) | £13.95

Dry and windy weather calls for dewy skin and the grace&stella Rose Water Facial Spray has your face covered in a toner spritz that's formulated with pure rose water and hyaluronic acid. This formula works to reduce oily spots, redness, and puffiness, and smells lovely whilst you do it. A firm favourite of mine; it hydrates, leaves the perfect glow (not too shiny, not shiny enough).

Top tip: spray between each step in your skincare routine, or just after makeup for some added hydration.

RRP £13.95


I wouldn't be doing a skincare gift edit without talking about the big 'H' - hyaluronic acid. Skincare giants COSRX have your back with their high intensity serum that feels light on the skin and leaves you feeling healthy and hydrated. What more would could you wish for?

Available in the UK at ASOS, BeautyBay, Superdrug, Cult Beauty, Sephora UK and LookFantastic.

Avaliable to buy at

RRP £28

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré​

I love a product that is multi-functional and this 5-in-1 Lait-Crème Concentré lotion from Embryolisse is the perfect moisturiser to help aid with dryness and re-blance in the skin. This stand-out product can be used as a moisturiser, primer, makeup remover, after-shave cream, baby-care product, and mask. If there's one thing you need to carry with you this winter, this light weight, fast absorbing lotion is the perfect companion that will have you covered, whatever your concern.

Avaliable to purchase from

 RRP: £10

SBC Arnica Body Butter


An essential addition to the shelfie during the colder months for me means swapping out a body moisturiser for a body butter to add a bit of extra hydration to skin when it's at its dryest. SBC have you covered from head to toe (quite literally) with their luxurious soothing and nourishing product.

I recomend lathering yourself with this after a relaxing bath, as it is the perfect formula for hard-working and tired muscles. It's also is infused with a spa-like aroma that will have you feeling realxed and recharged.

Avaliable here.

RRP £20.89

Lavera Re-Energizing Sleeping Cream 

Sleep is something that we could all do with a little more of in the winter, especially for our skin. This lavera Re-Energizing Sleeping Cream is an intensive night cream, packed with with organic grape and vitamin E, which supports natural cell renewal and combats signs of tiredness for a rejuvenated complexion that will have you waking up feeling refreshed.

Avalible to purchase here:

RRP: £20.65


athletia Phyto Sleeping Cream

If you're looking for a lighter night cream then I would reccomend athletia Phyto Sleeping Cream. This product is packed with plant-derived ingredients including Geranium Robertianum Extract and three different plant seed oils.

The cream is rich yet light and you can feel magic working in the moring almost immediately.

Available from and Selfridges RRP: £86


Super Facialist Rose Hydrate Miracle Makeover Facial Oil

As someone with sensitive skin, a product I will be replenising as soon as I run out is the highly nourishing Super Facialist Rose Hydrate Miracle Makeover Facial Oil. Developed by skincare experts, this dual purpose, pre-cleanse product of aromatherapy oils is ideal to hydrate and calm dehydrated skin. It also feels and smells lush when applying - I like to massage in the oil with my rose quartz roller by grace&stella and wash off afterwards for some added self-care.

Available from Sephora

RRP £11.20


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