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Emanuelle Ribeiro at PRM is the nineteen-year-old who has made her way to London from her hometown of Guaramiranga, Brazil in order to pursue a career in modelling. At first, meeting with Emanuelle, it was clear to see that not only is she beautiful on the outside - what with her doll-like features and irresistibly gorgeous hair - but a pure beauty on the inside too. She is the perfect package of sweet meets confidence and kind meets determined. Attributions that have no doubt landed her some amazing work, take walking for ICEBERG, in just her 6 months of modelling.

There is no doubt that this young model is going to do sensationally well and is certainly one to be watched closely. And at F Word we got the chance to speak to her about her motherland, Brazil, what she thinks about London, her modelling aspirations and much, much more.

Maisie Daniels: Hey Emanuelle, thanks so much for being involved in our Ones2Watch feature. So tell me, where are you from? Emanuelle Ribeiro: I am from Brazil. I was born in a small town in the interior of Ceará, called Guaramiranga, in the northeast of the country, but currently, I live in São Paulo.

M.D: How was it growing up there? E.R: I have nothing to complain about as I am from the city. I did, however, grow up surrounded by nature and animals from my grandfather's farm, which I could always enjoy. I had a very free childhood which I also enjoyed very much.

M.D: Do you have any siblings? E.R: I have two sisters and a brother.

M.D: How is the sibling dynamics like between you guys? E.R: It's pretty good, and your standard sibling relationship. My brother, however, is my baby and we are very close and whenever we are together it's a party, we have a lot of fun!

M.D: How does your family respond to your modelling career? E.R: At first the idea of me pursuing modelling came as a shock for them, perhaps because they had the fear that something bad may happen. However, as it is something that I always dreamed about and my parents always accompanied me, I have a lot of support from my family.

M.D: How often do you speak to or see your family? E.R: I talk to them every day. It’s part of my day to day life.

M.D: You have been modelling for 6 months now. How have you found the whole experience so far? E.R: Wow! It’s everything I ever dreamed of. I love this travelling life, new places, new people, this is a wonderful experience.

Emanuelle wears dress IRADA

M.D: What are your favourite type of shoots to do and why? E.R: I quite like the beauty part and the glamour in it. However, editorials are very fun because I think that with each pose and photo we can demonstrate different contexts and feelings.

M.D: What has been to most fun shoot or work you’ve done so far? E.R: This is a very tricky question for me because anyone who has worked with me knows how much I like to clown around and however serious the work is, behind the scenes I always like to break the ice. I think every shoot was fun in some way.

M.D: Did you ever imagine you would be modelling today? Was modelling ever a conscious goal of yours? E.R: I always dreamed of being a model but this dream seemed a long way off for a girl from such a small town. A few months ago I would have imagined myself going to college in public relations or something like that…

M.D: And what would you say is the best and the most annoying thing about modelling? E.R: I think the opportunity to know new places, new people and new cultures are very gratifying. But let's face it, this market requires a lot of that competitive spirit, and we often go through rather disagreeable situations that lead us to wonder if this is really what we want for our life. However, I think this is all part of the process and modelling is not the only industry where you have to be focused and determined.

M.D: What is the biggest thing that you miss about your home country of Brazil? E.R: Without any doubt, it’s my family, my pets, the regional foods, and the sun! [Laughs]

Emanuelle wears dress IRADA

M.D: Do you like it here in London? What is your favourite thing about the city? E.R: I love London. It's the most amazing place I've been to, the people are wonderful, the city, wow the city! I have no words to describe it. I always go to parks with my friends, the parks here are just perfect, I feel like I’m in a movie.

M.D: What do you think about British food? E.R: I prefer the Brazilian. [Laughs]

M.D: If you could be an animal, what would you be and why? E.R: I identify a lot with cats, for independence and laziness. [Laughs]

M.D: Who would be your dream designer to walk for, for fashion week? E.R: I have a lot of great desires in mind but I would love to work with the wonderful Karl Lagerfeld.

M.D: What is your most memorable modelling moment so far, and why? E.R: Having a chance to parade for ICEBERG during Milan Fashion Week was very rewarding as it was my first fashion week.

Emanuelle wears shirt SCOTCH & SODA; trench coat AMERICAN APPAREL

M.D: What was the last movie you watched? E.R: “Mr. Deeds”. I love movies with Adam Sandler, I think he's an incredible actor.

M.D: Who is your ultimate celebrity crush at the moment? E.R: Shawn Mendes without a doubt! He’s the love of my life! [Giggles]

M.D: What is your favourite F-word? E.R: In English, FEEL and “F***K and in Portuguese, Familia (Family), Felicidade (Happiness) and Fé (Faith).

Photography: Ieva Lasmane

Hair & makeup: Emilie Louizides

Emanuelle wears coat MAISIE JANE; trousers AMERICAN APPAREL; shoes JIGSAW

Emanuelle wears dress IRADA; coat STYLIST'S OWN

Emanuelle wears shirt SCOTCH & SODA; skirt IRADA; trench coat AMERICAN APPAREL




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