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Photographer Aina Teva's latest project featured on F Word is an editorial titled "Dear Boy." Aina, along with the creative team consisting of stylist Judith Mato and hair/makeup artist Cristina Alvarez, aims to define ambiguous ideals and enhance the feminine and sensual essence present in everyone. The project seeks to highlight the beautiful masculine and pure qualities with a sensual air and strong character, as seen in model Clement Letexier from Two Management.

Clement wears t-shirt JUAN TRUNCES; trousers MARTI CAMA; necklace BIMBA Y LOLA; rings LUCIA VILAR

Clement wears white swim body PALOMO; trousers (Enduro OF3 2000’s) MAKEO; hair clips BIMBA Y LOLA; shoes ADIDAS

Clement wears bandana JEMAPERLE; jacket/top MAR SOLER; trousers + tank top JUAN TRUNCES; necklace + rings LUCIA VILAR

Clement wears star top MARTINA SPINA; trousers MARTI CAMA; men repeller bag LE • BOBÚ; “somos personas” necklace + rings LUCIA VILAR

Clement wears top DESIGUAL; swim brief PALOMO; shoes ADIDAS


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