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TOURNE DE TRANSMISSION AUTUMN/WINTER 2019 words Filipe Phitzgerard - images courtesy of Tourne de Transmission

British fashion and clothing brand Tourne De Transmission has been, on many different levels, redefining streetwear and the attitude fueling it. With an approach to design that combines craftsmanship precision and fashionability, this outstanding streetwear label is infusing their collections with the pursuit of understanding technology while exploring the psychological reasons why mankind looks to interact with it but not stopping there, TDT explores the surroundings and anything that humans can interact with while being shaped or influenced by it, whether technology or city landscapes, Tourne de Transmission is in constant dialogue with the world surrounding us.

Since its foundation in 2010 by multifaceted creative Graeme Gaughan, Tourne de Transmission has been exploring the relationship between humans and their environments in a subtle yet recognizable way. From combining words and visuals to create compelling messages (SS/13) through the city jungles (SS/14) and 2015's global influences to their Tibet peace-warriors (AW/16) and the London industrial accents seen in their AW/17 collection, Tourne de Transmission is a brand that communicates with and from the world they live in and season after season are able to unveil collections that translate these conversations with the world.

For their Autumn/Winter 2019 launch, Tourne de Transmission has revealed its newest drop of "Blank Tapes" Vol 2. where this second installment reveals the brand's fascination with the modern digital era's data streams and humanity's circular obsession with writing over historic data without learning or taking lessons from it; such message has become core to the TDT Identity. Within this latest drop, we can recognize three distinctive key styles yet harmonious among themselves.

The first key style is titled “Frequency" Padded Gilet and it features an open front pocket panel that shows the reworked physical cassettes and features stow away hoods. For the second highlighted feature, we see the "Maxim" Mohair Cardigan which brings a soft texture into the collection while remaining eye-catching and powerful in design and precision craftsmanship. Thirdly, the "Burn Out” Denim Trucker & Hoody are outstanding pieces as they feature a hand-finished bleach effect patterns representing the burn out on tape that is recorded over again & again.

In order to create the representation of their thought process, TDT has used the reworked graphics from 80’s audio cassettes to highlight the need for a forward-thinking clean sheet; "Blank Tapes” also sees physically woven into the key styles with actual cassettes sourced from the last of these obsolete media making this collection another stand-out and must-have collection.

The "Blank Tapes" Vol 2. is now available online and at key stores internationally: Luisa via Roma - Italy, Cali Roots - Stockholm, Monkey Time - Japan.


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