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Newcastle's outdoor clothing brand Berghaus has unveiled their latest Dean Street unisex collection. Titled ‘Locals’, this second drop is inspired by the brand’s rich archive in outerwear and continues to showcase the iconic silhouette and colour palette the label has become recognised for. This newest drop dives deep into Berghaus' archive where the classic '70s, the '80s and the 90's aesthetics are combined in perfect harmony.

The collection sees the remix of iconic pieces such as the rain jacket and the fleece jackets. The colour palette is, as you would expect, playful and fresh while continuing to work with colour blocking creating depth and style within the collection. The pieces were designed to combine functionality, durability, and fashionability while remaining current with today's trends. This season also sees the addition of the Aztec prints across light outerwear, summer shorts and essential layering pieces creating an extra layer of coolness and style.

Within the collection, some of the key pieces are the Ascent 76 Jacket which was inspired by the strong colour blocking and detailing from the 90’s Berghaus range. Other highlight pieces also include the Prism Printed Fleece and Caatinga Shorts; the Tempest 89 and Ski Smock 86 are also seen again this season following their success last season and come in a new array of colourways catering for the new season ahead, and, therefore, remaining current. The new colourway allows for a smooth yet bold transition from the spring tones to more muted summer pastels.

The lookbook sees our new faces, all street-scouted in Newcastle birthplace place of the brand. Locals' lookbook was shot by fashion and portrait photographer Danny Lowe and styled by Jordan Dean Schneider. The lookbook seeks to document a day in the life of four teenagers living in rural Britain who, despite the current political climate, live carefree, spirited and fearless. The result is a youthful, nostalgic approach to Spring/Summer styling set against a backdrop of Northumberland towns.

When speaking about the latest drop and 'Locals', Kev McFadyen, Berghaus' Brand Director, said: "For the second season of tour Dean Street collection we want to stay close to our Newcastle roots, and it felt natural to street-cast our shoot with real people from our local towns and communities. Northumberland and its countryside are where we have tested many of our products over the years, and we thought that the current youth and political landscape made it all the more interesting canvas for a range inspired by our heritage." Christina Elliott - one of Dean Street's locals - said on growing up in a small town; “I love the aspects of life it offered me, being able to access the outdoors, having good relationships and feeling part of a community.”

Berghaus originally made its debut in 1966 in a mountaineering shop called the LD Mountain Centre. The store was located on Newcastle's Dean Street and throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s, Berghaus was both at the forefront of outdoor innovation and embraced by climbers and youth culture alike.

The Dean Street collection is now available on, ASOS and Urban Outfitters with prices ranging from £25 - £200.


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