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In association with Extinction Rebellion, Liza Molnar produces an editorial that is unashamedly audacious in its concept and fuelled by the fashion industries need to create change - climate change. Captured through the lens of Steve Glashier, and with a narrative to showcase the fight against fast-fashion, all garments featured are created by sustainable designers.

REBELS FOR LIFE challenges its viewer to think, to question, and to talk more about the crisis we have so vastly entered with our planet. Sending out a message to not be afraid to constantly question where- and how- your clothes are produced and to get mending and making garments.

Producer: Liza Molnar

Photography: Steve Glashier

Photography assistant: Nima Elm

Fashion: Olof Runmarker

Hair: Tom Arnett & Chika Hamada

Makeup: Tabitha Thomas & Melanie Christou

Models: Conrad Armstrong, Katya Voziyanova, Ueda, Liza Molnar, Maisie Jane Daniels, May Aleksandra, Nuha Ruby Ra, Saana Kujala-John, Vivien Lawson

Clothing provided by: Alice Early; Lauren H. Good; Maisie Jane Daniels and Olof Runmarker


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