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words Maisie Daniels - images Audrey Gillespie

Fine art student Audrey Gillespie invites the viewer to explore an otherworldly domain, where the Derry-born creative depicts queer youth, drag, and her ‘own existential crisis with femininity’.

Gillespie’s work brought to life with lo-fi techniques, 35mm format photography and 90’s camcorders, captures a dream-like backdrop where her captivating characters reside. All individually striking in aesthetic, you wish to know more about the lives of these subjects, as both a sense of sadness and serenity incapacitates them.

As Audrey compellingly invites you into her hazy gaze, we begin to see a highly emotive body of work unfold. This expressive journey- although cloaked with a gloomy feeling of entrapment- also leaves you with a strong message surrounding the beauty of the unique, and the empowerment that a person gains through struggle.

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