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Looking for the best hen party ideas? You’re in luck. Choose from any of these unusual and highly exciting hen

party ideas to ensure that you and your friends have a night to remember.

Hen parties are exceptionally fun. They’re the type of parties that women still talk about and reminisce about

years later because of all the crazy things that happened that night. This is something that you and your friends

will do, too — but you need to make sure you plan your hen party correctly!

The first step to planning a hen party is deciding what the actual hen party is going to be. Do you need to book

plane tickets? Will you be going wine tasting? Will you be going on a tour of all the popular bars? Ah, decisions,


To make life easy for you and your hen party invitees, the guide you’re reading has put together a special list.

This list is the official top eight most unusual hen party ideas that you’re guaranteed to love. Remember, most

women only ever have one hen party, so choose wisely and have fun.

1. Host an At-Home Hen Party

A lot of hen parties take place abroad in different countries.

Over recent years, though, it’s become more common for hen parties to take place at home (usually at the bride-

to-be’s house or one of her closest friends).

This is great for a number of reasons — but primarily because it gives you complete freedom to do what you

want. From wine tasting to making your own pizza, you can fill the night with tons of fun activities that are

guaranteed to have you rolling on the floor laughing by the time the night comes to an end.

It’s also worth mentioning that one of the most popular hen party trends right now is to have an at-home casino

night. If you and your friends love to gamble occasionally, then it’s highly recommended you play online casino

games during your at-home hen party. Essentially, it’s like bringing a Las Vegas bachelorette party to your living

room. Here, you’ll be able to load up some online casino games on a big screen, have everyone gather around it,

and then place some fun bets.

If the prospect of an at-home casino night appeals to you all, then it’s recommended you play Casino Games

during the hen party. These online casino games have amazing visual and audio quality — plus, they’re gambling

certified, so you’re guaranteed to have a 100% safe gambling experience. If you’re stuck on which specific casino

games to play, go with online slots. Specifically, you and your friends should play Bridesmaids slot, which is

perfect for the occasion! Based on the 2011 smash-hit movie, Bridesmaids slot is the ultimate casino game to

play when you’re in the middle of an at-home hen party.

2. Head to Las Vegas

Traditionally, going to Las Vegas is associated with men’s bachelor parties. However, this tradition has gradually started to change and it’s now extremely common for hen parties to take place in Las Vegas, too.

So, if you and your friends want to experience the bright lights and thrills of Las Vegas, now is the time to start

booking flights and hotels.

When you’re in Las Vegas, you’ll be able to do all the activities you’ve been told about over the years, from

checking out the casinos to going on mini-tours of all the best Las Vegas bars. Not to mention, during the daytime

(when everything is much quieter), you’ll be able to go and see some Las Vegas landmarks and tourist spots with

your own eyes, such as:

 - Fountains of Bellagio

 - Fremont Street

 - Stratosphere Tower

 - Mirage Volcano

 - The LINQ Promenade

There’s a lot to see in Las Vegas, which is why you should plan your daily schedules in advance so that you don’t

run out of time and accidentally miss out on seeing certain places on your bucket list.

Pro Tip: If you want the experience of a lifetime in Las Vegas, book one of their helicopter tours. The Las Vegas

helicopter tours are particularly popular with hen parties due to the fact that you can tour Las Vegas from above

while enjoying a bottle of champagne (or another drink of your preference). Best of all, most Las Vegas helicopter

tours are actually pretty affordable, so you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank.

3. Go to a Cat Café

All across the country, there are countless different cat cafés that you can choose from. These are great to go to

during the day before you do your nighttime activities, such as going to a bar. While at the cat café, you, your

bridesmaids, and other friends will be able to relax with some adorable cats while also enjoying some nice drinks.

You should find that the cats are super friendly and want to play with you while you’re inside the café. For the cat

lovers out there, it’s like being in heaven! Plus, you have the perfect chance for a photo op, as all of the attendees

will be able to take selfies and cute pictures with all of the cats. Make no doubt about it, your Instagram followers

will be jealous for sure.

4. Enjoy Ten Pin Bowling

Ten pin bowling guarantees one thing: lots of laughs. This is especially true if any of your friends have had some

pre-drinks prior to going bowling!

Make sure that you choose an adult-friendly ten pin bowling center, though, as this is important. Some ten pin

bowling centers also come with bars, karaoke options, and more — which are obviously perfect for hen parties.

It’s recommended you book in advance just in case, as these types of places can fill up quickly — especially on

Friday and Saturday nights.

5. Do Body Painting with a Model

You won’t be surprised to discover that one of the most unusual hen party trends over recent years has suddenly

exploded in popularity: and that’s body painting with a model.

Here, you and your friends will all be handed paintbrushes and paint. From there, you’ll be able to body paint the

real-life model standing in front of you. Usually, there will even be an art tutor there to assist you (and try to keep it


If this sounds like fun to you, book a body painting session with a model as part of your hen party. Even if you’ve

never picked up a paintbrush in your life, you’re going to have a great time.

6. Stay at a Glamping Site

As the name suggests, a glamping hen party is a glamorous camping party.

Usually, most glamping hen parties are designed to feel like music festivals but with the luxury of having hotel-like

services available to you on the site. Therefore, this is great for friendship groups who love the outdoors and want

to spend the night under the stars.

Best of all, if you choose one of the best glamping sites, you’ll get access to features like on-site hot tubs,

massages, and more. Yep, you’ll truly be living in luxury. In fact, you’ll probably love glamping so much that you

won’t want to go home!

7. Try Surfing

Surfing is one of the best hen party ideas. You get to hit the waves, top up your pre-wedding tan, and also take

some great beach selfies. When you think about it, what’s not to love? The only catch is that you need to book a

surfing experience from a good provider in a nice part of the country.

Also, you’ll need to hope that the weather is on your side that day. After all, hen party surfing is great — but not

when it’s raining. If you’re willing to take the risk, though, you should definitely consider adding surfing to your hen

party plans.

8. Go on an Amazing Hiking Trail

Finally, there’s hiking.

Hiking is a daytime activity that (although slightly unusual for a hen party) is so much fun. Some people even

enjoy hiking at night to catch a glimpse of the glorious sunrise.

The general idea is that you and your friends go hiking across a trail that has some nice places to stop off at

along the way, such as nice restaurants or places to drink. If you need some help with this, here are some of the

best hiking trails to check out.

Summary — Have Fun!

Hen parties are filled with thrills, spills, laughs, and everything else in between. Make no mistake; your hen party

will be one of the best and most unforgettable parties of your life.

Remember to plan everything in advance and give yourself plenty of time to make adjustments if needed. For

example, if your wedding is in around six months, you’ll need to get to work on planning your hen party now

before it gets too close.

Thankfully, the hen party ideas provided above are the perfect blueprint for you to work with. Whichever ideas

you choose to go with, have fun and be safe!


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