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With the frantic present-buying panic that rears its head this time of year, sometimes the best gift to give is one that promotes wellness and serenity. We are great at talking about self-care, or inspiring loved ones to take more time out for themselves, but we are usually quick to neglect our own needs regarding wellbeing.

Whether it's the rush to get loose ends tied up at work, planning meal prep for the big day, or consciously budgeting for presents, we all feel stress in one area or another during this holiday period. When all the celebrations are over, and we can finally wind down, your loved ones will never be more thankful for some thoughtful self-care goodies.

I’ve curated the ultimate wellness and self-care gift guide for anyone who needs a little more “me” time in their life (which, spoiler alert, is everyone.)

Read on for your one-stop gift shop this Christmas and start 2023 off with a little extra self-love, for either you or your nearest and dearest.


What’s a better gift for someone you care about (or yourself) than the gift of self-care? From massages to pedicures Treatwell has the biggest range of self-love and care treatments in around over Europe. Making their gift cards the perfect present to truly pamper someone.

The Glowcery

One for the homebodies who love to relax and recharge. This vegan candle from The Glowcery is made with lemongrass to promote feelings of happiness and boosted energy, as well as Rose Geranium for emotional balance. Nothing but positive vibes here.

Paks London

Everyone loves a gift that will reinvigorate their home. This diffuser is packed with zesty winter scents to relax and soothe, creating a perfectly cosy atmosphere this season.

This massage candle is like no other; it burns into a sweet-smelling oil to power the body and mind. Thanks to the skin-softening essential oils with the perfect blend of mango butter, coconut butter and jojoba oil, this candle will feel gentle on the skin while melting your stresses away.

We’ve all got that one friend that REALLY loves baths (it’s me, I’m that friend.) These natural salts make a great self-care gift for those looking to detox and soothe tired, stiff muscles. It is the ultimate treat to help you unwind and will leave you sleeping like a baby.


In the heart of London's Dalston you will find the Dusty Knuckle filled with endless piles of baked treats. From dazzling cinnamon swirls, to croissants and cookies, and succulent sandwiches, the list is endless. This purpose driven business is also a fundamental part of the East London community, where they run a young people program which helps youths who are at risk of long-term criminality, have had issues with the law, or have struggled to find employment take the necessary forward steps in their lives through on-the-job training and mentorship. If that wasn’t enough, they also run amazing bread-making classes and workshops, so you can learn how to create this magic yourself!


This year Centrepoint is encouraging people to divert some of their gift spending to helping homeless young people in the UK. This winter you could give more than a gift and keep a young adult safe and feeling the end-of-year magic. Your gift can get someone a Christmas Dinner for £10 or to place to sleep for £35. The pandemic has really had a major effect on the homeless community so add to that the harsh conditions of winter and homeless people rely on the Christmas act of giving. Your kindness and generosity could really help them start to rebuild and support their futures.



Know someone wanting to up their fitness game in 2023? The Bowflex kettlebell is the perfect gift for those at-home workouts. With adjustable weights, it’s a tool guaranteed to work well for all strength levels and abilities. Introducing kettlebells into your routine really takes things to the next level. Not to mention it is a multi-functional product that combines cardio and strength to really accelerate your workout.

Available now at select retailers including Fitness Superstore and from £149.99


Liforme is creating a much safer, and more peaceful practice with their yoga mats, which are a massive game-changer thanks to their non-slip technology. Liforme mats are alignment designed to open out and guide you through your yoga practice. Liforme creates non-toxic, PVC-free and when disposed of or after their lifecycle will biodegrade in normal landfill conditions within 1-5 years, effectively turning into fertiliser to nourish the earth, rather than poisoning it.


Lethally Her

Here, we have the secret to true wellness in 2023! This planner has everything you could ever need to help you really start your new year - think planning tools to help create realistic and actionable steps leading to setting goals! In this diary you can also find daily affirmations, gratitude reminders, and pages that focus on taking care of your mental health. The true beauty of this planner is the perfect balance between your health and the hustle. Giving you the keys to unlock your goals, self-care, and wellness for 2023.


Give the gift of wine that lasts years… no seriously. Innovative wine company Coravin has launched their limited edition Gemstone Collection, with the Timeless Model 6+ now available in 3 festive shades. This device allows wines to be preserved for days, months, and even years, now that's ideal for those upcoming NYE celebrations.


Dr Bronner's

Add a little more Christmas spirit to your skincare gifting with this multi-purpose range of soap, body lotion, lip balm, and hand hygiene spray. Made with fair-trade, organic ingredients, and recycled packaging, this range makes a great gift for a beauty lover with a keen eye for sustainability.


Let’s be truthful, there are loads of perfumes and colognes to pick from when deciding on a scent and sometimes you have to go with that one brand you can’t go wrong with. Well, Versace is always that choice with their Versace Eros for Men and Versace Dylan Turquoise for women.


All fragrances are for whoever wants to wear them, we believe that, although it’s rare to find a more unisex scent than Moschino’s Toy 2. The bottle alone is a statement then paired with its woody scent it is really not one to be missed.



Here is the iconic, organic and ethically sourced Grind coffee. Super sustainable, it even comes in compact in compostable coffee pods. It's the perfect gift for coffee fans, not to mention the lovely packaging is a delight to unwrap! They also offer a monthly subscription, so you could have your coffee needs delivered each month, stress-free.


Keeping it spicy this time of year is Havana Club and their Cuban spiced rum. After all, what's better than gifting someone (or enjoying) the taste of Cuba! Havana Club crafts its iconic rum by boiling tropically grown sugarcane plants. The rich molasses byproduct is then fermented and distilled to produce the fiery soul of Havana rum. This Cuban spiced rum is filled with exotic tropical fruits and sweet honeycomb with touches of warm spices like nutmeg, vanilla, and cardamon.

RRP: Available in Waitrose, Morrisons, Asda, and Sainsbury’s £22

Oxford Axford Distillery

If gin is your giftee’s tipple of choice, you can’t go wrong with Dam Sloe Gin. Locally sourced oxford foraged wild damson and sloes then matured with their Oxford Rye Dry Gin making it the perfect blend.


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