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RAIMUND BERTHOLD TALKS S/S19 words Hugo Fernandes - video Iolo Lewis Edwards - photography Peter Warrick

Raimund Berthold and his eponymous and namesake label BERTHOLD have not missed the mark once again, as for his Spring/Summer 2019 collection the Austrian-born London-based designer brought to the runway a collection that epitomizes romanticism and boldness. Raimund's aesthetic is intriguing and consistent, merging outerwear with more detailed and strong elements that can simply work.

For Spring/Summer 2019 the designer has pushed his own boundaries by introducing beige and bright pink to his collection which once put against black - a Berthold signature - creates the perfect contrast in color. The pink and beige are beautifully elevated and highlighted and make every piece of the collection remarkable and memorable. This season also sees neon and plastic wrappings coming altogether to create a contrast of softness and roughness. The collection, titled Dune, makes reference to the desert and the surprises it may hold and is translated into the garments to create a vision of sand-warriors who are venturing into the known dry-lands. The heavy-duty pocketed jackets are to die for and made a huge statement as soon as they come out on the runway.

Prior to his show during London Fashion Week, F Word Magazine, in partnership with Commune East TV and Iolo Lewis Edwards, went down to Berthold's studio to talk about this season and the major transformations in the brand which are reflected in the collection.

Interview: Filipe Phitzgerard

Video: Iolo Lewis Edwards

Video editing: Amos Mukomber


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