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words Filipe Phitzgerard - images courtesy of Timberland

American outdoor clothing brand Timberland has joined forces with Danish contemporary streetwear label Wood Wood to create a capsule collection that combines the best of both worlds to produce footwear and apparel for men. The collaboration, titled 'Cooperation Across Borders' sees their distinctive design aesthetics coming together to create a functional collection designed for the urban and natural settings. The collection is a tribute to those who find themselves exploring the world around them as well as the new and vast territories across the globe.

This collab is indeed an invitation to a life of exploration and adventure aiming to encourage the consumer to step outside their natural comfort zone and into new places crossing borders North and South - East and West. With this collection, the possibilities are endless and the invitation for a fun-filled life of adventure is the goal. 'Cooperation Across Borders' is youthful and functional while preserving a strong sense of fashionability and personal style attributes that are identified in every collection Wood Wood has ever presented. Their iconic aesthetic and compromise with style are fused with Timberland's functionality and high-quality products more precisely their strong and durable footwear.

In a recent statement the Timberland's creative team explains the objective of the collection which is to "equip people to improve their world by creating outstanding products that are built to last and will be good travel companions when exploring" and this is a key element of Timberland's identity and core values. Timberland's iconic 6inch Winter Extreme boot is made in a ‘desert wind nature’ leather with polished silver eyelets making this a new statement piece.

The capsule collection also presents a reimagined Brooklyn 6inch boot aiming to the more urban sites and it comes in a dual-toned leather and canvas upper sitting atop an off white outsole. Another highlight within the collection is the raincoat jacket and fleece jacket that can be combined to battle all the elements or used separately and both jackets are available in two colours and feature technical details and zips. As part of the collection, we can also see a 2in1 hike pant with the possibility to zip off the bottom leg and make the pants into shorts is also available in two colours. Last but not least, the collab also features dual-branded hoodies, sweatshirt and T-shirts in a smooth and welcoming Autumn colour palette.

The Timberland x Wood Wood ‘Cooperation across borders’ collaboration is now available at and


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