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In the wake of his recent EP, Le Soir, which draws inspiration from the night, versatile artist  Tim Atlas, known for his roles as a singer, songwriter, and producer, today unveils his latest track titled 'Lighthouse'. With its catchy, upbeat melody and looped lyrics, it's one of those tracks that leaves you yearning to be bopping on a beach, and F Word can't get enough!

This single marks a departure towards a brighter, sun-drenched sound, evoking a journey into a cinematic realm. Reflecting on the song, Tim shares, "I've pondered whether this experience resonates with others, and I assure you, I'm not hearing voices (at least not yet). But have you ever been so immersed in someone's presence that their voice or essence momentarily guides your conscience? That's the essence of this song. It delves into the notion of releasing someone from your life while finding solace in the knowledge that they remain an integral part of your identity."

Tim Atlas, a native Californian now based in Brooklyn, has cultivated a dedicated following for his distinctive fusion of R&B, neo-soul, alternative, and DIY bedroom pop since his debut album All Talk! in 2018. Despite growing up amidst the Silicon Valley landscape dominated by tech giants, pursuing a career in music was far from the norm. However, as Tim shared with Line of Best Fit, he was surrounded by music, whether it was his mother's affinity for their karaoke machine or his father leading hymns at church. Following college, Tim committed to a music career, initially working as a producer, offering his services to friends and local talents at affordable rates before venturing into his own musical endeavours.

As the new year unfolds, Tim emerges revitalised and poised for greater achievements. With promises of new releases and international tour dates on the horizon, 2024 appears to be Tim's most significant year yet. And if you haven't yet plugged in yet, you can listen to Tim's new single HERE and watch the video below.


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