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Wanting to go out in a cute dress or miniskirt can prove troublesome in the winter months, as no short skirt is complete without a pair of tights to keep your legs from freezing. However, tights have caused women around the world misery for centuries. From laddering after a single wear, to falling down at the hips, it seems these rip-prone stockings are destined for landfill. In fact, each year around the world 8 billion pairs of tights are thrown away, many having only been worn a handful of times. This makes hosiery one of the worst contributors of textile waste, which is highly problematic given they are often made from synthetic materials, such as nylon and elastance, that do not decompose.

However, thanks to Katherine Homuth and her brand, Sheertex, which recently arrived in the UK, all of our tights troubles can now be put to rest. Ditching traditional nylon for a stronger blend of polymer more commonly used in bullet-proof vests and mountaineering equipment, Sheertex relies on the latest technology to bring you a pair of tights more durable than you could ever imagine. Promising to be entirely rip-proof, the team at Sheertex insist they have invented ‘the tights you’ll keep forever’. Don’t believe them? They beg you to find out for yourselves, offering a 90-day guarantee for any pair that fails the rip test. Videos online even show some customers attempting to slice their tights with a machete.

Championing a more sustainable pair of stockings, Sheertex tights are ethically made in Toronto using 99% renewable hydro-energy and all pairs are transported in compostable and recyclable packing. What’s more, the brand offers inclusive sizing, from XS right the way up to XXXL (sizes 4 – 24). Each pair also features a yoga-style waistband for extra comfort and to ensure your tights stay firmly where they are meant to, all day long. While styles such as the Classic, Shaping, Polkadot and Backseam are currently available in the UK in black, more designs and colours are likely to become available soon. No longer will wearing cute winter outfits featuring a skirt or dress be a frustrating experience, but rather one you can find pleasure in.

Shop the Sheertex tights today. On sale for just £39 from


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