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GOSHA RUBCHINSKIY’S RASSVET MEETS HI-TEC® SPORTSWEAR words Filipe Phitzgerard - images courtesy of Rassvet x HI-TEC® Sportswear

For those who are in a real love affair with contemporary streetwear, Gosha Rubchinskiy is a name that represents one of the greatest u-turns the fashion industry has seen in the past decade. The Russian designer has made a name for himself by exploring and elevating new facets of streetwear with a profound affection for nostalgic youthfulness. Gosha has brought a taste of Russia into modern fashion translating skateboarding and music into collections for his namesake label (debuting in 2008 for SS09) as well as other collaborative projects with Dr. Martens, Levi’s, and Burberry putting the multifaceted creative in the forefront of contemporary streetwear design.

Russian youth has been an ongoing conversation for Gosha, and whether through fashion, fragrance design or photography, Rubchinskiy has been able to beautify and demystify one of the closest yet intriguing (and attractive) cultures in the world. As part of Rassvet (PACCBET) he has been infusing the fashion realms with original creations and an honest approach to his very own culture.

Rassvet is the growing community formed by likeminded Muscovites whose aim is to bring new energy into fashion, art, skateboarding & music scene in their city. They are a contemporary group of creatives paving the way this generation perceives and consumes culture while presenting their vision of a modern Russian to the world. In a recent press release, Rassvet has been explained as "the new “sunrise” (meaning of the word Rassvet)" and "illustrates this community’s common desire to highlight the new dawn in Russian youth culture."

With all that on the backdrop, Rassvet - under Gosha's watchful and careful eyes - has unveiled their latest and highly expected collaboration, this time with sportswear British label HI-TEC®. The heritage brand has recently gained the attention of the younger streetwear consumer for its revamp on classic sneakers and the evolution of their design aesthetic which has moved HI-TEC® to the top of the "cool list".

This is an unprecedented collaboration which sees the vastly rich heritage and bold innovation of HI-TEC® Sportswear coming together with Gosha Rubchinskiy's genius mind. Rassvet x HI-TEC® Sportswear collab is composed of a significant portion of Rassvet’s 5th collection and will be available in April this year so, watch out kids.

When looking at the collection it isn't hard to see both worlds (Rassvet x HI-TEC® Sportswear) colliding and the combination of these is simply perfect. HI-TEC® Sportwear’s bold graphics are seen next to the subtle Rassvet co-branding and has been translated into the awesome long-sleeve t-shirts, caps, socks, and the brand new sneakers. The sweatshirts and baggy loose-fit trousers are unquestionably our favorite pieces and give that Russian-skater boy-vibe while maintaining a clean-sleek feel to it. The relaxed fit is also something to highlight as it makes the collection fresh and youthful. The Rassvet x HI-TEC® Sportswear collab is combined with the full 5th Rassvet collection which also features basic pieces such as the denim trousers, straight pants, and striped shirts.

The Rassvet x HI-TEC® Sportswear collab will be available in April 2019 so stay tuned for further news and developments.


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