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Mumbai-based photographer Sahil Behal takes us on an exciting journey into a universe where we can find an infinity of everything. Shooting on a 35mm film camera, the fashion and documentary photographer merges these two distinct approaches to photography in order to create a visual document that depicts the organic yet inevitable interrelation of fashion and everything that is out there. Sahil's documentary approach is effortless, yet, the combination of fashion elements with the surroundings is mesmerizing and captivating. He uses this visual document to capture and communicate his own vision of how fashion interacts with the world around it creating a relationship of dependence and order.

Photography: Sahil Behal

Fashion: Shweta Sharma

Hair and Makeup: Tashi Dolma

Model: Irene Augustin at Anima Creatives

Styling Assistants: Senjuti Chakraborty and Shivani Chauhan

Headline image: Irene wears dress BLONI ATELIER and shoes THE SOURCE

Irene wears yellow silk blouse and grey dress SHIFT

Irene wears tartan dress and shorts DIVYA SHETH; velvet cape STYLIST'S OWN

Irene wears quilted vest ALEXANDER WANG; shirt RED EMPRESS LABEL; skirt SHIFT

Irene wears dress STYLIST'S OWN; Obi Belts (veil) THE SOURCE

Irene wears cotton dress SHIFT

Irene wears dress URBAN JUNGLE VINTAGE

Irene wears knitted top STYLIST'S OWN

Irene wears top STYLIST'S OWN; pants CHANDNI SAHI


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