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Lulu Gaurisse at Select Model Management is unquestionably the latest one to watch on the modelling scene. Originally from Argentina, Lulu has only been in London for a month and has already proven talent with her strikingly edgy looks and enticing expressions. Not to mention her good-natured and affable personality, which made it nothing but a pleasure to be around. Her career began out of boredom by sending polaroids to an agent in Buenos Aires and has blossomed ever since. Carry on scrolling to see how we spent the day together.


Joseph Parker: Hey Lulu! So pleased to meet you.

Lulu: Hey Joseph! Nice to meet you too.

J.P: How’s it going, and where are you from?

L.G: I’m doing great, thanks! I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina, though I’ve been in London for about a month.

Lulu wears top BOTTEGA VENETA @YOOX; body jewellery TOM FORD @YOOX; shorts and shoes BOTTEGA VENETA @YOOX; belt Y/PROJECT

J.P: Star sign? Not that I can tell you anything about it...

L.G: I’m a Libra! I can’t say I know anything about astrology either, but I always read my horoscope for fun.

J.P: How did you become a model?

L.G: I sent some polaroids to an agency in Buenos Aires during the pandemic, mainly out of boredom, and started working around October of 2020. I never would’ve guessed it would become such a big part of my life in such a short amount of time, and yet here I am! It’s been a ride so far, but I really enjoy my job.

Lulu wears top BOTTEGA VENETA @YOOX; body jewellery TOM FORD @YOOX; shorts and bracelet BOTTEGA VENETA @YOOX; belt Y/PROJECT

J.P: do you do anything besides modelling?

L.G: I’m currently studying software engineering back in Buenos Aires. I actually began studying a couple of years before I started modelling. And while right now I’m prioritizing my job, I still attend online lectures and try not to get too far behind in my studies (although not too successfully, haha)!

J.P: What has been your best job?

L.G: It’s hard to say because each job I do becomes my new favourite, but the most interesting job for me was definitely shooting a fashion film for Sadaels. We spent two days shooting in a rural village in the Argentinian countryside. Having the opportunity to see the creative process behind the project and working with so many talented people was a great experience.

J.P: What's your best feature?

L.G: I’d say my sense of humour. I can make a joke out of anything.

J.P: what would be your dream modelling job? Have you already achieved this?

L.G: I would love to work on a fragrance campaign. They must be fun to shoot. And not yet! But hopefully soon.

J.P: Tell us something interesting or unusual about yourself? Tell us a funny story?

L.G: I talk a lot in my sleep. Usually in more than one language.

J.P: What is your favourite genre of music?

L.G: I don’t think I could choose just one. My top two artists this year were Faith no More and Grimes. I think my music taste is all over the place.

J.P: Your go-to song, go:

L.G: I’ve had aguardiente y limón by Kali Uchis on repeat for a few days now.

Lulu wears jumper, bodysuit and clutch BOTTEGA VENETA @YOOX; tights STYLIST'S OWN; shoes NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD; earrings Y/PROJECT

J.P: Do you follow any trends?

L.G: I love fashion and usually follow trends, although I’m trying to build more of a personal and timeless style.

J.P: What are the worst trends?

L.G: I’m sorry, but I hate y2k fashion. It brings up many bad outfit related memories for me. Can we ban low rise jeans forever?

Lulu wears jumper, bodysuit and clutch BOTTEGA VENETA @YOOX; tights STYLIST'S OWN; shoes NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD; earrings Y/PROJECT

Lulu wears bodysuit BALENCIAGA @YOOX

J.P: Who and/or what are you currently inspired by?

L.G: I’ve been following this Uruguayan artist for a while, and her art style really resonates with me. She’s @michela.borza.

J.P: What are you least inspired by?

L.G: I’d say forced positivity. Not everything has to be great all the time, and that’s okay.

J.P: Let’s do a quick fire round! Something you can’t live without?

L.G: Probably my headphones. I have them on 24/7.

J.P: Favourite beverage?

L.G: Iced chai latte with soy milk on a hot summer day.

J.P: You’ve won a free travel pass to go anywhere. Where do you pick?

L.G: Tokyo.

J.P: First thing you do when you wake up?

L.G: Stretch and move around, a quick yoga video if I have time.

Lulu wears bodysuit, shoes and bracelet BALENCIAGA @YOOX; skirt and bracelet (right) BOTTEGA VENETA @YOOX

J.P: Last thing you do before bed?

L.G: I like to journal and reflect on my day, even if I feel like I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary.

J.P: Before we finish, what’s your favourite f word?

L.G: Friday, of course.

Lulu wears bodysuit and bracelet (left) BALENCIAGA @YOOX; skirt and bracelet (right) BOTTEGA VENETA @YOOX


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