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Leggy at SELECT, all the way from Redditch is a new face you need to know about. Covering all basis in the creative industry, Leggy is a poet, musician, artist, and since January this year, a fashion model. Read on to hear the conversation Lessie McCarthy had with Leggy, discussing his modelling career from start to present, his not so pretentious poetry, his music and much more!

Lessie McCarthy: So where are you from? Leggy: I’m originally from just outside Birmingham, Redditch

LM: Nice! So, tell me: is Leggy your birth name? L: No, so a couple of lads I know who follow my band wished me a happy birthday on Instagram, and instead of saying legend they said “Leggy”, and it stuck. But I’m a bit of a stick insect so a few of the boys thought it came from that, but nah.

LM: Do you have a favourite brand you’ve modelled for? L: I’d say Sergio Tachinni. I bought a pair of their tracksuit bottoms about two years ago and I’ve barely taken them off.

Leggy wears vest URBAN OUTFITTERS; shirt, trousers & socks TOPMAN; shoes VANS

LM: You’ve done some editorial work; would you be interested in doing runway ever? L: I would love to do runway it would be wicked. I’ve always wanted to do it and I thought since I was scrawny that that would be more the stuff I’d be doing but I didn’t take into account my bowl haircut.

LM: How did you get into modelling? L: I’ve only been modelling since January this year. I’m well new to it. My mate models too and she’s always been saying I need to get into it, so I applied to a few places online and got a lot of interest which was pretty class. I wasn’t expecting it. Select models messaged me and asked to do a test shoot, but about 20 minutes later they cancelled and just asked me to sign with them.

LM: You aren’t just modelling though; you are also a musician. So, tell me a bit about your band and what kind of music you make. L: We’re called The Rotana’s and we kind of fit the typecast of '90s football Hooligan sort of music, like Brit poppy stuff. Recently we’ve gone more Shoegaze, especially in our last single “Get the Call”, which is kind of bridging the gap between our old and new sound. That’s banging.

LM: Do you have any gigs coming up? L: We have a gig coming up on the 7th of September which I’m excited about, and then we’re going on tour.

Leggy wears jacket and trousers DICKIES; top TOPMAN; shoes VANS

LM: Oh, wow that’s huge, congrats! L: Well, I call it a tour we have like four dates, but it still should be good.

LM: (Laughs) Ok I see. Would you say your two careers’ paths help each other? L: Yeah, “Farah” did a piece on the band and did a piece on me which was strange, I felt like a celebrity, but that was about me and the stuff I do. Like my poetry and my art.

LM: Are you the lead singer? L: Yeah, I am, so I get the easy job basically and don’t have to carry anything to gigs.

LM: (Laughs) right. And you say you write poetry, is your poetry the song lyrics? L: No, the poetry is more like a funny thing. Every now and then I’ll write something pretentious...

Leggy wears top TOPMAN; hat IETS FRANS

LM: ...Oh yeah just to keep up poets’ reputation... L: ...Yeah, and to make myself look interesting. It’s like John Lennon’s stuff a bit. Not intentionally but a bit like his word plays of laugh and Laff. I’m not interesting enough to write interesting stuff so it’s just kind of amusing and silly. You can follow my poetry on Instagram actually @leggylines.

LM: Ahh right I see, so who’s your favourite poet? L: No one’s ever asked me that before but when I think of poets I always think of Phillip Larkin. He’s just so quintessentially British. Really miserable about everything, like he’s having a whinge but in a cool way.

LM: Ok two tricky questions coming up, if you could bring 3 pieces of clothing to a desert island what would you bring? L: My Kango hat because my hair would get greasy, and I hate my hair in my face. Bit of a bugger because I don’t wear shorts, so I’d take my Lucas Daily X Fred Perry tracksuit, and a white vest. I really want to model for Fred Perry so if they see this, GET ME IN THERE.

LM: Have you got any advice for people pursuing a career in the arts? L: Get stuck in and do it. Take yourself seriously and be confident in what you’re making. Don’t half ass it and have pride. Just be honest with yourself and don’t put it out there unless you think it's amazing. But don’t be a cocky b*stard.

LM: Fabulous advice. Now finally, what’s your favourite F Word? L: Oh well it’s gotta be f*ck init?


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